Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rainy day snooze

It's raining here in the Silly Cone Valley, and cool. The kittehs are spending time on the floor grates for the furnace when the furnace is on, or on my lap when I'm sitting down, but I turn off the furnace during the day and was up cooking. So they found another warm place instead: Wait, there's Mencken grooming his paw, but where's The Mighty Fang? Well, he's the lump under the covers to the left of Mencken, doh!

-- Badtux the Bedless Penguin

1 comment:

  1. Few greater pleasures in life than snuggling under the covers with a warm, furry kitty. So long as you don't accidentally roll over/disturb/frighten them, in which case you'll pay for it.


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