Sunday, November 07, 2010

Jungle fatigue

I was in a store shopping for pants today, and saw some jungle pants. I thought, "gosh, it's be great to show up wearing those at work one Friday, that'd irk the neo-cons big-time" (there's a couple of neo-cons at work and they know me as a "notorious liberal"). So I dug through them looking for one in my size. There wasn't any marked, but there was an unmarked pair so I picked it up and read the label: "Made in Vietnam". So 35 years after the Vietnamese kicked our asses out, they really have invaded America just as the Rethugs claimed would happen if we left Vietnam... with their pants, that is. The horror, oh the horror!

I wonder if, 35 years from now, some dude who served in Iraq before the Iraqis overthrew the government of President Thieu err Malaki is going to pick up a pair of desert-pattern pants and see the words "Made in Iraq" on them?

-- Badtux the Circles Penguin


  1. I'd kind of like to buy a pair of pants that said, "Made in USA."

    It's not that we can't, you know.


  2. Thirty-five years from now the pants may say "Made In USA". If the republicans have they way, we could be the cheap labor source.

    Would you like fries with that?

  3. I remember the days when we made things here. Seems a distant memory.
    Our new chant is we're number 15.....

  4. If you want all-American you can try this for size, They advertise that everything is USA from the cotton fields to you.


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