Friday, January 07, 2005

Time to get a new laptop?

I'm lusting after the HP DV1000, a sub-5-pound notebook. Even with the Pentium-M 1.8ghz processor, 512mb memory, 80gb hard drive, etc., we're talking under $1600. And it's a helluva lot easier to carry around than my current 10 pound HP brick!

Of course I don't need it. Sigh...

In other news, my server at home bit the dust. The boot/root hard drive has gone whiirrrrr...KLUNK! and will no longer boot and locks up the IDE bus. Luckily all my data lives on a SATA RAID, so none of that is lost, but now I have to install Linux on another hard drive to get to it :-(. I'm switching to Fedora Core 3 rather than Mandrake 10.1 because the Mandrake 10.1 installer just utterly fails the test of installing on a machine that has a USB mouse and keyboard. I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that Mandrake is great for a laptop or other "end user" type setup, but is total crap if you want to build a server... the kernel on the install disk craps out on the Promise SATA controller, for example, while the Fedora installer sees the Promise SATA controller just fine.

So if I'm not around for a while, it's because I'm busy downloading four freakin' CDROMS worth of Fedora 3 (since my notebook doesn't have a DVD burner so I cannot download the DVD image... grrr, another reason why I've been shopping for a newer/faster/more featuresome notebook!) and getting my server back up and serving. The work of a Linux penguin is never done!

- Badtux the Linux Penguin

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