Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mission accomplished

Futon disassembly mission accomplished. I opened the patio door, and the kittehs promptly went outside to sun themselves on the patio. While they were thus occupied, I broke down the futon. The Mighty Fang then came back in to inspect the results.

My question is this: See those cat puke stains on the carpet to the right of the picture? Well, the kittehs spend a lot of time *under* the futon (indeed, it's one of Mencken's favorite hangouts) so why aren't there any cat puke stains where the futon was?!

The furry bastards just enjoy making me hop skip and jump over the cat puke, methinks...

-- Badtux the Cat-oppressed Penguin


  1. Allow me to suggest "Lindhaus Pure Power Ultimate Stain Remover" for your cat stain issues. I've found it doesn't bleach the carpet, and while it isn't fool proof, it gets most jobs done right...including string turd skid marks!

  2. My carpet shampoo machine works quite well on them, thank you very much. The secret is that I don't feed my kittehs one of those cat foods that's full of dyes. I just haven't shampooed my carpet recently because it's going to be replaced (at no charge to me, it's at end of life -- this is the carpet that was installed when the apartment was built 15 years ago).

    The question still remains, why do they spew up their hairballs in the middle of where I walk, instead of under the futon where they spend so much of their time? Curious penguins suspect conspiracy!

    - Badtux the Cat-oppressed Penguin

  3. No one likes to shit where they eat, well you shouldn't like to do that. It's unhygenic.

    That's funny though :)

  4. Dude, if all cats puke that much, I'm glad I can't have pets. The flea treatment ain't cheap either.

    I'm glad you share the kittehs with us, though. Thanks for that.

  5. Resistance is futon. You will be regurgitated [on] ...

  6. If you allow the cat puke to dry you'll find it's much easier to clean/vacuum up, rather than smearing it across the carpet.

    We've recently converted our cats to a non-grain, mostly canned diet (Wellness) plus whole, finely ground rabbit from Hare Today. It's disgusting, and they love it.

    I feel like I've shared the non-grain part before. If so, sorry.

  7. SA: So they don't want to puke where they nap? Makes sense, I suppose.

    Nunya: how much cats puke depends upon how long their hair is. Mencken is sort of a medium-hair cat so he regularly hurls like a frat boy on a Friday night. TMF is a short-hair cat with very slick/shiny/oily fur, so he rarely hurls. So if you ever are in the market for a cat and don't like dealing with cat puke... err, a) get a short-haired cat with shiny fur like TMF, and b) expect to deal with the occasional hairball on your carpet anyhow.

    SB: Neither of my cats is so bold as to regurgitate directly on me. They may direct my life, but they're not idiots ;).

    DA: I rarely have to actually clean up cat puke, unless it's a particularly hairy/chunky one. Mencken pukes, and TMF cleans up after him. And yes, I do wait for it to dry, then vacuum up whatever TMF didn't already vacuum up (dayum, that cat is a walkin' kibble monster!). Thing is, the juicy ones leave a stain on the carpet, and then I have to run the shampoo machine over the carpet. If I care. Which I don't anymore, since I'm moving out of this apartment in, uhm, 2 days ;).

    - Badtux the Cat-dominated Penguin

  8. Pets? We don't need no stinking pets.

    We have GRANDCHIDREN!!!

    Nate hurled on the kitchen carpet at my mom's a couple weeks ago - her birthday, no less.

    Carpet cleaner works on kid puke too.

    God damn, life is messy.

    WV: ingst - angst that isn't hurled.


  9. Yes, they target that way on purpose. Mine *invariably* go straight to the portion of the carpet that has just been vacuumed and/or shampooed, ignoring the other areas. And, never ever ever on the linoleum. Purposeful evil, if you ask me.

  10. BadTux, can you train a cat to stay off of the kitchen counters and stove? I'm particularly averse to cat yuck (hair, kitty litter and flea eggs and flea poop) in my food prep areas. Too many years working in foodservice I suppose. That and cleaning people's homes who are not nearly so caring of their pet's health and comfort as you are. Kitties poop and pee in the darndest places when they are pissed off at their owners.

    I've never had pets as an adult, so I'm not sure how I would deal with it. I'm really sick of caretaking though, kids can be taught to take care of themselves. Not so with pets and certain husbands, lol.

  11. We used to have one carpeted room in the house. This is where the cats invariably chose to throw up.. We called the room the Vomitorium, then finally gave up and just took the carpet out.

  12. For keeping the cats down, the old standby of aluminium foil, lightly crinkled, on landing areas works.

    My apologies oh exaulted snarky one...but it's still great for spot treatment.

    As for the cats go out of their way to puke on the carpet vice wood/tile. There has to be something to it, and I have also noticed it is always in the open. Maybe they expect us to clean it up, so they do it where we can see it?


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