Saturday, June 05, 2010

Aaand... done (mostly)

There's a few chairs and odds and ends and things, but by and large everything's here. Now to cook me some tasty tuna and noodles while slurping down Gatorade (it got HOT today, close to 90F with high humidity).

The kittehs, BTW, are in major league freakout mode. The Mighty Fang is lurking behind the refrigerator (which is a narrow space, now he's a narrow kitteh heh!) while occasionally howling his displeasure, Mencken lurked in the back of the master bedroom closet until finally he decided to come out and walk around while howling his displeasure.

Comcast has Comcratastically killed my Internet connectivity again. Sigh! So light blogging until I can get on something faster than a tethered iPhone...

-- Badtux the Mobile Penguin

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