Thursday, June 17, 2010

Am I worried about Israel?

That is the question that Mark Kirk (R-Crazyville) asks me, before asking me for a donation for his U.S. Senate race.

Nevermind that this liar Republican dipshit lied about both his military record and his teaching career, a moron so cowardly that he was worried his nursery school students would bring a gun to class... the deal is that I'm electing folks for the Senate of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, not for ISRAEL. I want someone in office who puts America and Americans first, not Israel. Mark Kirk, on the other hand, puts Israel ahead of America and Americans, to whit (from his email to me):

Thank you for your strong support. Together, we will defend the State of Israel from those who seek her destruction ...

All I gotta ask is this question: What's in it for America and Americans to give a shit about Israel? Because that's what my Congress is supposed to be looking out for -- America and Americans -- because they're the Congress of the UNITED STATES, *NOT* the Congress of some folks overseas who speak some foreign gabble and, like, aren't Americans, doh!

-- Badtux the Patriotic American Penguin

(Note: I give the same answer to the people who say we have to stay in Afghanistan or Iraq "for the good of the Afghans" or "the good of Iraqis". Fuck that shit -- America's goverment is the government of the UNITED STATES, not of some folks overseas who speak some foreign gabble and, like, aren't American, so let them take care of themselves, yo!).

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  1. I see Afghanistan as a necessity to weed out al Qaeda. As for nation-building, it's time for the US to let go of that idea. Promote human rights, yes. Push for change via the UN, yes. But enough of running other countries for them, 'kay?


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