Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Futon disassembly issue

T-3 days until move. Got the bed disassembled today (and it's amazing how much cat fur migrated to under the bed in the 1 year it's been in its current location, I filled up a vacuum cleaner bag with the stuff!), and went to disassemble the futon. I taped up one box that was on the futon, but encountered a problem taping up the second box... Uhm, The Mighty Fang did not appreciate my interruption of his nice nap on the sheets and towels inside that box, and decided to go somewhere else. So I taped up all the boxes and cleared the futon so I could disassemble it, then when I got back from taking the boxes to the garage (where they're living until the movers come Saturday morning), I encountered another issue: Uhm, okay. I give up. I cannot resist TMF's powers of furball cuteness. I'll try again tomorrow ;).

-- Badtux the Cat-plagued Penguin


  1. Yes, but who can resist the little bastids? They OWN us, BadTux, goddammit. Body and soul. And they know it, too.

  2. Badtux, where did you get your futon? I ask because I am furnishing a new house soon and I want futons for guest beds. Yours looks exceptionally sturdy.

  3. When I was a kid I made my parents treat our cats like people -- if they took a chair then it was their chair, you couldn't dump the cat out just cuz you wanted the chair. And my wife and I proudly carry on this tradition, sometimes to her consternation. And it makes getting into bed a bit awkward on occasion.

  4. TPC: You betcha.

    Minerva: I needed a sofa or couch of some sort but I'd seen what the kittehs had done to the old one, the uprights on either side were just the right shape and consistency for kitteh scratching posts and they'd shredded it well, all the way through the foam to the wood. When I spotted this thing in a futon store I bought it. That was 11 years ago. Since then it's occasionally been sold at Wal-Mart or Target, it's just the standard cheap $200 futon frame and mattress that they sell there. It does *not*, BTW, sleep very well... I've slept on it a few times over the years for various reasons (generally when moving and waiting for the movers to get my bed from the old place to the new place), and it feels like sleeping on a bunch of metal bars. That's okay for my purposes though, which is to keep relatives from spending too much time mooching sofa time off of me ;).

    DA: I started closing up that box that TMF is in (first photo), and was surprised when the box pushed back ;). I'm just glad that TMF noticed that something was happening, rather than staying asleep, or I would have sealed him into the box (eep!). The camera was behind me, so I put down the tape gun (you can see it at the lower left of the box) and grabbed the camera instead to catch TMF relocating himself. The lighting sucked though, this was the best photo of the bunch (it's *hard* to get the lighting right when shooting a black cat!).

    So anyhow, I'm not quite *that* bad, I will gently relocate a cat or at least nudge him to another chair, but in this case after having already disturbed his rest once, I just didn't have the heart to do it again...

    - Badtux the Soft-hearted Penguin


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