Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Pride Week in San Francisco!

Yeppers, accidentally learned about that on another blog I browse :). So anyhow, yesterday I made fun of the gay dude next door for preening for his boyfriend for four hours shirtless while washing, waxing, and polishing his vulva err Volvo. I mean, c'mon. Volvos are typically driven by crunchy granola lesbian types, not by gay DUDES! Have a little pride, man! So, what kind of car does a gay dude drive? Well, judging from the fahhhbulous gay guys I've encountered over the years, the #1 gay car has to be....

Ford Mustang convertible. On a beach. With beach volleyball courts nearby so you can preen for your boyfriend in action shots. Don't believe me? Just ask Mustang Bobby. I'm sure there's other cars that can make the list (hmm, Volkswagen New Beetle -- that bud vase is just fahhhbulous, eh?). You can even mention a few of them in comments if you wish. But VOLVO?! Doesn't even BEGIN to make that list, yo!

-- Badtux the Time-wasting Penguin


  1. It's a Mustang you silly, Big Gay Al wouldn't be caught in anything else..

  2. I'm supposed to pay attention to what gays are doing? I don't think so.

  3. Why not? It's not as if gays are any more or less useless than any of the other people you pay attention to, after all!

    - Badtux the Misanthropic Penguin

  4. OMG! My wife (who's of he female persuasion) and I (who have a doctor's certificate attesting that I am male) rented one of those the last two times we were in Hawaii! They were a bit darker shad of red, but still 6-cylinder Mustang convertibles. We're secretly gay -- so secretly we didn't even know it ourselves! I think we're going to have to rent some dirty movies and watch "Queer Eye" and "L Word" to find out what to do next...

  5. Hey, a Mustang 6 cylinder convertible is a classic chick car, Bukko, driven by blond secretaries everywhere. So your wife decided to have a Jenna Bush moment and indulge her blond side, nobody's going to do more than smile at her driving a convertible Mustang :).

    And if you're driving and she's beside you... well, that's okay, too. On the other hand, driving solo, expect to get some waves and thumbs-ups from the gay brigade :).

    - Badtux the Car Penguin

  6. OMG, I'm such a trend-setter! And I didn't even know it

  7. We have a Minvan and a Caliber.

    I think that makes us about as asexual as Edward the Confessor.



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