Monday, June 28, 2010

But in more optimistic news...

the Department of Homeland Security's latest No Fly List is protecting us from those terrorist six-year-old Hannah Montana fans. Here is little terrorist Alyssa Thomas with her Musical Weapon of Terroristic Terror: The horror! Oh the horror! Protect me, oh Big Brother!

-- Badtux the Terror Penguin


  1. A hello kitty guitar....I want one..

  2. No, the Hello Kitty guitar has a big Hello Kitty picture smack dab in the middle of it, taking up about half the face of the guitar. On the other hand, my supposition that this was a Hannah Montana guitar has now been disabused by a quicky Google search. The Hannah Montana guitar is purplish-pink, not bright pink like this one. So color me musically baffled by this terrorist's choice of weapon :).

    - Badtux the Guitar Penguin

  3. Can you imagine the havoc that would have ensued if she had started playing that thing on a plane? Orders of magnitude worse than a crying baby! (Only 10x worse than a crying baby whose mom started changing a poopy nappie in her seat, though.)

    I trust that an undercover Air Marshal with a gun was shadowing her throughout the flight. Too bad he couldn't have sat across the aisle pointing it at her as an abject lesson to future Indonoflyoterrrrrrists, tho.

  4. The fuck this isn't terrifying! (And I speak as the mother of two kids barely out of the preschool love-the-noisemaker-stage, which I suppose means I'm mildly traumatized by anything battery operated that's not clearly for my own personal pleasure.)

    Last week I boarded a flight (en famille) with some folks who had a roughly 12-month-old sprout (very cute) and an Elmo electronic toy (ought to be banned internationally). Just soooo lucky that said Elmo was seated far fore, and we were aft, near the nonfunctional WC.

  5. Relax, Sungold. If you read the actual article, the Axe of Mass Destruction got left at home and had nothing to do with the girl getting placed upon the No Fly List as a terrorist. Although I agree, Tickle Me Elmo probably *should* qualify you as a terrorist ;).

    - Badtux the Terrorized Penguin

  6. Hannah Montana. Blech.

    Although it reminds me of something I heard years ago: Cat Stevens can't enter the country, but Gilbert O'Sullivan (remember him?) can?!?

    Word verification: ackhh. Very appropriate!

    Which reminds me of Bill the Cat, which reminds me of Opus, which reminds me: are you going to run for President this time around?


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