Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zombie amputee Jeebus wants your oranges

Because nothing says that you love your faith more than having a blue-skinned zombie amputee Jesus on your license plate, framed by an orange.

The State of Florida proves once again that any state run by Republicans is a state run by idiots...

Edited: Oooh, bonus snark! This comment on Wonkette: In fact, it is a celebration of gay amputee snuff porn. Florida is trying to develop new businesses since its entire economy was based on building more and more houses and selling them for inflated prices to people who could not afford them. This new industry seems a more stable venture.


-- Badtux the Mildly Amused Penguin


  1. It also seems that Florida WANTS to get sued by the ACLU.

  2. With all the New York Jewish transplants in Florida I wonder WTF the DOT is thinking.

  3. Where are the Cthulhu and/or Flying Spaghetti Monster plates? I demand equal representation.

  4. ackshully, our economy, before the housing shananigans, was based on tourists, lots of them foreign. gee, i wonder what could have happened to that?

  5. I hereby stop claiming to have been born in Florida . . . until the spaghetti monster gets equal exposure.


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