Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm losing my mind

After taking the previous photo of The Mighty Fang bicycling, I noticed that my battery indicator was showing that my camera's battery level was low. So I walked over to the place where my Sony smart-charger for NiMH batteries lives, and assembled four AA batteries from those that had recently been charged, and opened the bottom cover of the camera, and... err. This new camera doesn't use AA batteries. It uses special Lithium battery cells. Err, yeah, that's right, I remember now, I bought a spare battery and I have a battery charger around here somewhere. So I opened up the drawer under the Sony smart-charger, where batteries and associated hardware live. Erm, nothing there. Where did I last see it? Oh yeah, charging in the plug near the stove. Glance over there. Nothing. Hmm. Check assorted other drawers and containers that have various electronics junk in them. Nothing there. Go check the boxes full of camping gear, I had it last time I went camping. Nothing there.

Sigh. I guess I'll have to go order a new spare battery and a battery charger for it from the place I got the first spare battery. Sigh. Then, a brief glance around, and I realized where the spare battery and its charger were. I checked there, and yes, they were there!

Where is this mysterious location that I only checked after ripping half my apartment to pieces looking for the spare battery and charger? I'll let you guess. But it should be immediately obvious to anybody with half a brain. Which, obviously, I didn't have yesterday evening :-).

-- Badtux the Brainless Penguin


  1. Kinda like looking for my eyeglasses when they are perched on my forehead ?
    Been There / Done That
    (It's called getting old Mr Penguin !!! )
    a once wise but long ago
    forgotten about what ; w3ski

  2. It was almost that obvious, w3ski. I suspect one more guess and you'll have it. Where was that camera battery and camera battery charger again? Hmm...

  3. That is what I mean . Plain sight like right next to the charger for other batteries . Exactly where my camera chager and extra battery are . But then again I am wonderfully brainless by choice at this time of night , so I may be totally wrong .
    a spaced and happy w3ski

  4. No, the battery and charger weren't in plain sight. But what they were contained in was in plain sight, and was sitting right next to the camera :-).

    - Badtux the Clue Penguin

  5. (So your assignment is, *WHAT* exactly was sitting right beside the camera and had the battery and charger in it?!).

  6. Obviously my brain is not home tonight ( and with good reason ) .
    I await the conclusion of forementioned mystery . I do also hazard one last guess : the box for said camera ???
    a stupifyed but curious w3ski

  7. geekzheimers? trying to figure out name for forgetful tech types, but am not meaning to be offensive. are you certain TMF wasn't hiding the charger at first? I wouldn't put it past him (her?).

  8. I would guess in a pocket in the camera case. After my divorce & I moved from a big house to my small apt. I've found that finding things is SO much easier. Looking for something in 4 rooms beats looking for it in 14.

  9. You got it, Rita :-).

    And just wait a few years. Your little 4-room apartment will be so cluttered it'll be just as hard to find things in it as it was in a 14 room house. Or maybe I'm just a clutter magnet...

  10. Seen This? Might Help Clear Your Thoughts!

  11. Yeah, I would have guessed the camera case.

  12. I would have guessed the original carton the charger came in. Oh, well.

    4 rooms, 14 rooms, 44 rooms . . .. Doesn't matter; possessions always accumulate to fill the available space.


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