Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can't anybody make a decent browser for the Mac?

Firefox works fine when you just fire it up, but then slowly ... crawls... to... a halt. At which point you have to force-quit it and try again.

Safari decides to either core dump or lock up when you sneeze at it.

Right now I'm using Camino, but Camino isn't rendering a lot of things correctly.

Of course, the situation is no better on Windows. But at least Internet Explorer no longer chokes and pukes when you sneeze at it, unlike Safari. And yes, I'm running the latest stable release MacOS and the latest stable release Safari (*not* the beta version of the next release).

Sigh. Computers. Wish we could just chuck'em out the window and get on with abacas'ing everything, but, alas, a modern economy requires too much data to be shuffled around for an abacas to do the job...

-- Badtux the "Wah! I just want it to work!" Penguin


  1. "Internet Explorer no longer chokes and pukes when you sneeze at it,"

    Bzzzt, wrong answer. Of course the problem may be that the operating system made by Microsoft can't work worth a shit with the fucking browser that Microsoft created,

    What's with the crappy Apple mouse, though?

  2. I agree with nunya regarding the crappy Apple mouse in general and a couple of my own points in particular.

    Obviously, Badtux, you're much more computer literate than I, but you didn't mention the Opera browser. Opinion?

  3. I am using the beta Safari, and I really love it. Had been using Camino before that. Hated Chrome. Use Opera on the PDA but don't really like it on the Mac.

    I use the bluetooth mouse and don't have a problem with it. What's wrong with the other one?

  4. Ehm, what IS with the "crappy" mouse? Too many buttons?

    Tux, if all these browsers have problems, are you sure it´s a browser thing? I use all the ones you mention (sometimes I´ve got five open at a time to check the rendering of code oder changes I do to a CMS), and I can´t say I have these kinds of problems. Most used is FF.

    Hmm, have you tried OmniWeb? Opera?

    Camino is a Mozilla Implementation on the Lines of FF2.x... I actually use that retro-compatibility for a CMS feature that only works in that context. Same for Bonecho, was the first Cocoa implementation, I think.

    Re FF, most of my problems (memory leakage with long-running browser sessions) went away with 3.x



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