Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The world according to World Nut Daily

  • Obama is foreign-born and has not provided his birth certificate.
  • Obama is a socialist dictator who is imposing Cuban-style Communism upon America
  • Vitamins, like flouride, actually poison you.
  • Obama is working on a merger of the United States, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union where martial law is going to be declared in the USA and enforced via Canadian and Mexican troops.
  • Because Obama is not a natural-born American citizen (see #1), and indeed is a foreign Muslim plot to destroy America (see #2, #4), U.S. troops are legally justified to rebel against his command and arrest and imprison him.
  • Liberals want to take your children away and raise them in fascist camps to be perfect fascist soldiers.
  • Obama's budget steals money from working Americans and gives it to shiftless Negros (well, he doesn't use the words shiftless Negros, but that's what he means).
  • The average American, struggling daily to survive in a shitty economy, actually cares about any of the above.
Here is a video of World Nut Daily's editor, Joseph "Batshit Crazy" Farrah, explaining all of this to a concerned British citizen:

It's a very scary world these guys live in. I'm glad it's not the world the rest of us live in, or we'd all be f*cked!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. These idiots just won't give up.

    Good thing the only ones listening are the ditto heads who can't think for themselves.

  2. I thought teh gays wanted to indoctrinate the yoof of America into the sodomite lifestyle. It's so hard to stay with the programme of what to be afraid of...

  3. Teh Ghey weren't a major feature on World Nut Daily today despite yesterday's Vermont legislation. Approximately 1/4th of their articles on their home page were Obama this, Obama that. World Nut Daily is long past the point of risking Obama Derangement Syndrome, they're there.

    Badtux the "ODS, anybody?" Penguin


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