Thursday, April 23, 2009

I believe in parent's rights!

Look, my children are my property. If I want to raise them to be zealous KKK bigots, that's my right. If I want to force them to work 20-hour days on my farm during harvest season around dangerous chemicals and farm machinery, that's my right because my children are my property and it's only right that I be allowed to use them any way I wish. If I force my child to sleep in a cardboard box in the back yard while I rape her from time to time in order to prepare her for life on the streets, that's my right, because my children are my property and raising them is my responsibility, not Big Brother's. And if I want to force my 17 year old daughter to have a baby after she has been raped, that is my right. How dare those icky federal court judges interfere with my parental rights by giving my 17 year old daughter the right to buy the Morning After pill over-the-counter!

-- Badtux the Parental Rights Penguin

Who, of course, has no human children, thus the above is of course tongue-in-beak.


  1. Remember, a women's uterus is community property.


  2. It certainly is in that community.


  3. BTW, Suzan, there's something on your page that makes Firefox/Camino slow to a crawl, perhaps some plugin or something. So if your readership has fallen off you might want to address that.

  4. Crap...I thought I was on the wrong blog reading something from the American Taliban.


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