Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Obama gutting the military

Ballon Juice has the details:

2009 Pentagon budget: $513 billion
2010 proposed Pentagon budget: $534 billion

Yes indeedy, sending troops into battle without battle armor, uparmored Humvees, etc., for multiple stop-lossed terms in multiple war then underfunding military hospitals until the veterans are competing with rats for their meagre dinners while stewing in their own feces, is not gutting the military. Rather, giving the military $21B more than their current budget is "gutting the military". Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. By Rethuglican standards that's gutting...'cause instead of buying all those F22's that aren't needed the money can go to help the returning vets, and that's gutting the the military by Rethuglican standards.

  2. The military is being gutted because their pork... whoops... modernization projects that benefits their states were cut.

  3. Joyful Alternative8/4/09 9:24 PM

    The part I especially like is that DoD plans to do away with contractors and hire employees. That will save a lot of money, create stable jobs and higher-quality work, and reduce the number of lobbyists clamoring for crappy programs and bribing Republican congressmen on behalf of the contractors.

  4. I understand the Rethugs' have never been the reality party . They always have their own views of how it really is . But , do they have to flat out lie ? The budget for the military has gone up , why can't they protest that isn't enough of an increase rather than completely lie and say " it's a cut " ? It makes no sense to me but there is nothing new there , government rarely makes any sense to me .
    a confused as usual w3ski


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