Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talk about flogging a dead horse...

This morning, World Nut Daily sent me not, one, not two, but three of their insane conspiracy theory emails claiming that President Obama isn't really President because he is an alien space lizard rather than a natural-born American. Or somethin' like that. Yet more of their insistance that judges, not voters, should choose who leads the country. How... Iranian... of them. (In Iran, judges must rule that you are "ideologically correct" before you're allowed to run for office).

Dudes. The man was democratically elected by over 50% of the public. It's called democracy. Look it up in the dictionary, okay? Sigh!

Badtux the "Why do wingnuts hate democracy?" Penguin


  1. I see the crybaby right-wingnuts are still whining about legally loosing in November.

  2. "Badtux the "Why do wingnuts hate democracy?" Penguin"

    Because they can't control everything, or have everything controlled by daddy.

    Oh you silly silly penguin you :)

  3. Check Wikileaks for the report on "right wing extremists" in America. Though to be honest, I never actually know if looking at Wikileaks is technically legal as they post anything they get their hands on (for official use only/UNclassified? WTF does that mean?)

  4. You read Jesus' General, don't ya Tux? So you're probably aware that reich-wing retards are forming "citizens grand juries" to indict Obama.And don't forget, to a tight-whitey-righty, it's only "democracy" if THEY win.


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