Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today in stupidity...

Just got home after a long day at work, so going to blog about stupidity rather than about the economy. Everybody already tweeted about Michelle Gaffman's notion that the U.S. has an embassy in Iran (we don't, and haven't since 1980). Then there was the story from last week about how Russian hackers had hacked into a water system's SCADA and burned out a pump, cutting off water to the town. Except they didn't -- the "Russian hacker" turned out to be the water system's IT consultant who ssh'ed in while on vacation in Moscow and Berlin to diagnose a problem with the system, and the "hack burned out the water pump" turned out to be just a worn-out water pump that the water system knew was failing that finally gave up the ghost. So the Department of Homeland Security spun up this whole story about the Russian hacker menace that, err, wasn't, out of thin air apparently because if there are clean undies in any IT machine room they wanted to remedy that situation. Go figure.

So what other stupidity? BAE gets into a fight with a Medal of Honor winner. Even bets on who wins that one -- the Marine, or the international mega-corporation. And Teabaggers continue to whine that they're overtaxed... despite the fact that the only nations that collect less in taxes than the United States are third-world hellholes.

And finally, yet another GOP politician caught trading meth for sex with a gay prostitute. So now we know how Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. stayed so slim as he aged... it was all the exercise in the closet that did it for him.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I really, really liked the story on Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan being held in detention in the Patrick J. Sullivan jail. Shows some spooky foresight on his part.

  2. County commissioners are usually who name buildings, so just consider it karma ;). The dude was a jerk while he was Sheriff, sort of a clone of Sheriff Joe Arsehole down in Maricopa County Arizona, and now he's getting a bit of his own treatment? Heh!

    - Badtux the Arsehole-recognizin' Penguin


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