Sunday, November 06, 2011

"Expose the violence inherent in the system"

That's one of the purported motives of the Black Bloc. The problem is, most people already are aware of the violence inherent in the system. As long as that violence is expressed towards people they don't like, such as criminals and minorities, they have not a single problem with it.

This is one reason why I insist that the purported motives of the Black Bloc are total bullshit, and that the actual motive is to discredit left-wing causes. And who benefits if that happens? Hint: the Koch Brothers dance a jig every time the Black Bloc shows up at a left-wing protest. Just sayin'.

-- Badtux the "Just the Facts" Penguin


  1. Trust me, there are people on the left crazy enough to incite violence because they are super passionate and believe that it is the only way to make the-powers-that-be understand the seriousness of the issues.

    But with that said, the Black Bloc *tactic*, where everyone dresses in black and covers their faces, is one that makes it very easy for anyone to infiltrate the group. I would not be surprised to learn that recent incidents were caused by people whose only motive is to discredit those on the left.

  2. I have more important things to fuss about, like this fingernail growing out so I can pick my nose. :-)


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