Saturday, February 19, 2011

What he said

About Wisconsin and the behavior of the Republicans, who are trying to make state workers pay for the fiscal misdeeds of their Republican majority: This is like the defendant who murdered his parents and asked for leniency because he’s an orphan.

Heh. Do note, however, that CNN's reporters had to play a game of "bury the lede" to get this fact into print, burying the actual details so far down the story that their ideological minders ("editors") would not notice them and order them struck. Similarly anybody else who is merely skimming through stories will see only the headlines that support the official ideological position, not the actual details that contradict the official ideology.

So it goes in Soviet America, citizen. Our censorship here is not as onerous as it was in Soviet Russia, often facts contradicting official ideology can make it into print, albeit buried deep within stories, but censorship is censorship, even if the ideological minders are employed by multi-billion-dollar media corporations rather than by the government. All hail our great and mighty nation, and our invincible armies and our technological magnificence! What, you disagree, citizen? Treason! Report to the nearest streetcorner for processing as a homeless bum, comrade!

-- Badtux the Sovok Penguin


  1. I read somewhere on some commie blog that Wisconsin will actually be in surplus this year and that the attack on regular folks is not only vicious & spiteful, but wholly unnecessary.

    OK, I just looked it up. All the crazy right-wingers are attacking Rachel Maddow for reporting this, so it must be true. And she's not a commie.

  2. A Republican giving tax breaks and other lavish emoluments to his rich friends and asking for everyone else to pay for it is not really news. It happens every day somewhere.

  3. It's about education, it's about understanding these type of folks were FOR child labor, those who saw NO foul in cheating the workers and in killing them…grinding them in the industrial machinery…that led to…..the Molly McGuires, Triangle Fire, Matewan, UAW and the auto industry, this all started to die w/ post WW2 congressional meddling w/ labor's rights...and with Right wingers watering down HISTORY courses in HS cause we can't have our actual history being taught...."you don't get me I'm part of the Union..."
    Now it’s popular with some alleged “people” like Limbaugh and others to call Union members, (Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police) parasites….really?

    We have to ask ourselves where are the Molly McGuires now that we need them…

  4. I've often wondered why newspeople don't have more of an attitude of "I must challenge authority." When I was a reporter -- admittedly, one far lower on the food chain than CNN squawking heads or those on the WaPo/NYT level -- busting chops of the powerful was always on my mind. I was not always successful at it, but at least my underlying motivation was, as the non-cat Mencken said, "to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." Part of it was my personal psychology. I was raised in a military household, and rebelled against it, so I extended that to my professional life. Maybe the media-ites have just come up too comfortable.

    As I write this, though, my mind is flashing back to some of the co-workers and competitors I had. There were a lot of complacent ones, especially on the small-town weeklies. They wanted to be friendly with the sources. They had local pride, especially in the little papers tied to one town, and rocking the boat was seen as suspicious by them. The difference between then (1980s-early 90s) and now is that THEN, the hacks stayed at the low level. Somehow, it's changed so that now the drones are elevated, and with rare exceptions like Taibbi (see your post above), the hard chargers get nowhere.

    The truth is out there, but it's on the blogs.

  5. Rachel reported tonight that Gov Wanker pulled a similar scam in is previous job with the county. He ginned up a budget crisis and fired the {I think it was the security at the court house.} The company he hired did a shitty job, and saved about half of what was expected.

    Now there's a legal challenge and the Co. might have to hire back the fired staff - and restore all back pay, at an enormous loss.

    What a fucking shit head.

    Rachel has been all over this for days, but the real hero is Ed Schultz, who's been on top of this from the beginning.



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