Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Another day, another Republican politician cheats on his wife

Maybe I just need to make this post a "template" to deploy once a month, regular as clockwork. In this particular case, the horndog in question is Rep. Christopher Lee of New York State. Who, amongst other things, sent his Craigslist honey a cell phone picture of him shirtless flexing his muscle. At which point I say... duuuuuuude! The only people who take cell phone photos of themselves in mirrors to send to their sweetie are, like, 16 year old horndogs looking to score with other 16 year olds. Grown-ups just don't do shit like that -- they use a real camera on a tripod with a timer :).

But then, the majority of Republicans never escaped their teenage years, mentally. They're still stuck in that teenage mentality of the high school elite and the high school high school bullied, where they view themselves as the "cool kids" who bully the "losers", who, like, shouldn't be losers if they don't want to be bullied, right? And when it comes to wanting sex with any man, woman, or mule who comes down the pipe, they make your average 16 year old horndog teenager look downright sedate... that ain't no gun in their pants pocket, yo.

To his credit. Rep. Lee resigned. That shows he at least has more class than "Diaper Dave" Vitter and Sen. John Ensign, who simply shrugged and kept on keeping on. Way to go, Party of Family Values! For some definition of "family values" that, apparently, involves fucking anything with the appropriate-sized vagina or swinging dick that comes along...

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. The gleeful speculation I've seen is that he bailed because this episode was only the tiniest finger boehner of the skeletons he probably has in his closet. I hope some more bones come tumbling out before Lee loses his relevance and becomes so 5-Condits-ago.

  2. Badtux,

    I'm no wingnut. In fact I'm probably to the left of you on some things but I don't consider what this moron did to be "cheating". Stupid? Yes. Creepy? Yes. Should his wife be pissed? Yes. But cheating....? That term is reserved for actually playing hide the salami, IMO.

  3. So, you think he *didn't* cheat on his wife, Celtic? About the only thing missing thus far is the weepy presser where he proclaims "Ah did not have sex with that woman." I think Lee's response says it all. Whether or not he actually hid the salami, as you put it, he certainly had intent to do so -- and probably did, albeit not with this *particular* woman.

    Bukko: My guess is that we'll have a buncha women come out of the shados saying, "yeah, I had an encounter with that creep too!". Sheesh.

    Y'know, penguins have rather weird sexual mores. But at least we don't carry on like horny frat boys at Spring Break. It's called common decency and having a sense of shame when doing something wrong... neither of which seem to reply to Republican politicians.

    - Badtux the Creep-spottin' Penguin

  4. Badtux,

    You make a good point. I'm sure that had he not been bagged by the Craigslist scandal, we would have eventually been treated to a press conference where he admitted to actually having sex with someone who was not his wife (or to something worse). Fuck all these hypocritical douchenozzles.


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