Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A blast from the past

From October 2008: If Obama is elected, as seems likely, there is little he can do to stop this long hard slide to the bottom. It was created by our own choices over these past twenty-eight years, and most Americans aren't willing yet to admit they chose wrong. Only complete and utter national disaster will manage to do that, and the first casualty of any utter national disaster is always the President who presided over it. My prediction: Like Jimmy Carter, Obama will similarly be a one-term President. And then another follower of Reaganism will take power after Obama. And if, ten years from now, I am not squatting one of those abandoned McMansions growing food in the vast back yard and going hunting for the deer and rabbits that have moved into the neighborhood, I will be very surprised, because I'm not seeing much other than disaster ahead. Obama might delay the day of reckoning, while McCain would make it faster... but the collapse is coming, and it's coming hard, and there's not a whole lot we can do about it other than wait for the bottom and hopefully a return to sanity on the part of the American people.

Since then, things have gotten even crazier, with teabaggers, crazies proposing "nullification" of federal laws they don't agree with, the works. As I predicted, the long hard slide to the bottom continues, and the majority of the American people *still* aren't willing to admit that they chose wrong when they chose to believe all that Reaganist crap about something for nothing, low regulation, you know, all that Republican bullshit that says that tax cuts are good and government is evil. (And BTW, if you haven't been over to Jazzbumpa's place, go there, he has pretty pictures and shit showing just how the economy has hollowed out and wealth has been redistributed since Reagan took office).

To repeat JzB's favorite phrase: WASF.

-- Badtux the Archive-diggin' Penguin

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  1. Tux -

    Thanks for the call out. I'm getting quite a bit of traffic today that's coming from here.

    Re: this post - your analysis in '08 was spot on. As events are unfolding, I'm beginning to have a faint, tiny flickering glimmer of hope. Walker and several other Rethug Govs are clearly overplaying their hands.

    Plus, the Rethugs don't have a candidate anywhere - with the possible exception of Pawlenty - who isn't either running for the hills or on a crash and burn trajectory.

    Not the the big O is unbeatable - there just doesn't seem to be a opponent who is worth a shit.



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