Saturday, February 12, 2011

Waitin' fer Republicans to refudiate her

At CPAC, Our Lady of the Skanky Little Black Cocktail Dress (sometimes referred to as "Man Coulter") says that the U.S. should start throwing journalists in jail. Just like in those havens of freedom North Korea, China, and Saudi Arabia, I suppose.

Note that CPAC didn't boo OLOTSLBCD, they *cheered* her. If the Republicans want to stop being compared to Nazis, they need to quit proposing Nazi policies, yo. Just sayin'.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. That's a you betcha penguin. If she had a made a reference to guns they would have cheered even more.

  2. You must remember, though, that Coulter said "journalists," which rules out employees and sympathizers of Faux News, and others of that ilk (like Coulter, J-Lo,O'Reilly, Limpdick, et al).

  3. BTW,BT, you have the dubious honor of receiving the very firstest blog comment from the new computer.

    There, I just KNEW that would make your day.

  4. The onliest rule of Repiglickins is "We hate our enemies so much that we'll cheer for anything nasty that's said about them."

  5. I read the comments at the link, but couldn't watch the video. Oh, I'm sure it would have worked if I'd clicked on it, but I can't watch that venom-spewing bitch for more than about 2 seconds without getting the urge to vomit. Why waste a good lunch, ya know?

    And yes, if she feels that way, she ought to move to Iran or someplace else repressive. She'd look a lot better in a burqa, too.


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