Monday, February 21, 2011

Ah, to be a Sovok in America...

Heard about that CIA spy who killed a couple of ISI agents in Pakistan? No? Well, there's good reason for that -- the U.S. news media, at the request of the CIA, are not printing that he's a CIA agent, just that the CIA agent, Raymond Davis, is an "embassy employee". Luckily newspapers in free countries aren't so constrained. But remember, it's okay that everybody else in the world knows that the U.S. hires clumsy CIA agents who shoot people dead in the middle of a busy street... it's just not okay for *Americans* to know. Sort of like when the Soviets were buying American wheat, it was a classified state secret *inside* the Soviet Union that they were buying wheat from outside, because official ideology held that Communism was increasing the yield of wheat every year compared to the decadent and decaying capitalist system... it was okay that everybody *outside* the Soviet Union knew that they couldn't feed themselves, as long as their own citizens didn't know.

And that's how things work here in Soviet America too. America's supposed to be a force for good, so CIA agents killing our allies and acting like total goons simply don't exist, the only CIA agents that exist are the GOOD ones, that only kill BAD guys. Welcome to America, citizen, where you, too, must be shielded from facts that contradict official ideology. But that's okay, you didn't want to know those facts anyhow, right, comrade?

-- Badtux the Sovok Penguin


  1. It seems the New York Times reads dispatches by penguins. I'd just visited NYT before reading your post, and they tell us now that the killer was a CIA man. Better late than never, maybe.

  2. Yeah, I guess it was getting just a bit too Potemkin for them to ignore, is my guess :). I found it amusing that our man John Kerry who supposedly is this big liberal and stuff ended up extracting three CIA agents who killed a Pakistani motorcyclist with their SUV so that they wouldn't have to face justice for their vehicular manslaughter... makes you wonder, how a man can go from protesting war, to protecting murderers. Sp it goes.

    - Badtux the Cynical Penguin

  3. I have been following the case on some of the Pakistani newspapers which have an English-language presence online. It's partly because I'm interested, and partly to keep up to speed with this intellectually sharp fellow Sikh psych nurse who was an lieutenant in the Indian Army in Kashmir for a number of years before he immigrated here. The guy's not too keen on the Pakis, natch, but he's got a lot of insight into how things work on the ground there. He's got seniority on the unit, so it's politic for me to be on his good side. Plus I like to have discussions on current events with people, so I don't want to seem clueless. It's surprising how much the American press reports DON'T tell, even when lots of information is out there. If you depend on American meeja for info, you are behind the curve. (Not meaning you personally, Tux, just the generic "you" of the citizenry.)

  4. Here's an example of some of the truth that's on the blogs. Complete with opinion! that's missing in papers like the Guardian.

  5. Would anyone care to venture a guess as to how many more like him there are. We know they're out there. I think there are probably hundreds with their noses into many aspects of quite a few other countries. I think too some of the 12bil that got missing in Irak has been used for all sorts of shit like this.

    Am I anywhere close here?

  6. In case you don't click on Glenn Greenwald several times a day like I do, here's how he eviscerates the New York Times for being a faithful liar and lap-doggish withholder of information on behalf of the U.S. government. Do these urinalists have no sense of shame, or embarrassment? I suppose they pat themselves on the back for being "patriots."


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