Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute grunge

This is the one song by Letters to Cleo that is worth listening to. In this video Kay Hanley is impossibly cute while singing tongue twisters at such high speed that you know she's from Boston :).

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. This is the one song by Letters to Cleo that is worth listening to

    Oh, you can just kiss my Bay State Yankee ass. I loved Letters To Cleo when I was still living in Massachusetts. And frankly, I'd like to hear what a band from Louisiana covering "Here And Now" would sound like. I'm guessing it would sound like The Residents on angeldust... ;-)

  2. What can I say. They were pretty generic grunge with mediocre lyrics. Definitely not a band to hate, but not a band I'd go out of my way to hear either. The thing about this particular song is that it's like it's Boston on meth. Or just Boston :). It's a great song not because of the lyrics -- which are on Letters to Cleo's site and make a bit more sense than you'd think from trying to understand the words Kay is singing here -- but because of the speed with which she is singing, which is frankly astounding (as well as tremendously cute :).

    As for what a Louisiana band covering "Here and Now" would sound like, not a whole lot of grunge bands from Louisiana, Louisiana is more of a country and bluegrass place along with some jazz down New Orleans way. So I imagine it'd sound sort of like this... which is why I'm a long, long ways away from Louisiana, yo!

    - Badtux the Non-babbling Penguin


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