Thursday, February 24, 2011

We don't need no edumacashun

Providence, RI, sends layoff notice to EVERY SINGLE ONE of their school teachers. I guess they figure the custodians and school secretaries are all they need to edumacate them thare little brown chilluns.

State of Michigan orders the Detroit Public schools to raise class sizes to 60 students. That's about the same size as seminar classes in college. You can't fit 60 kids into a regular-sized classroom. But again, I guess they figure them thare brown chilluns don't need no edumacashun anyhow, 'cause they's all criminals or athuhleets anyhow, right? Right?!

Remember, this here is AMERICA. Ain't no damn NEGRO got a right to an edumacashion in this here nashion, it's time them darkies picked themselves up by their bootstraps and got right on out of our white Christian nashion, God bless America, Glory Halleleujah, AH-men! If them darkies want an edumacashon, they should just move into our lily-white gated community (where the gate keeper won't let'em past the door 'cause they're all criminals, but hey, ain't no racism here, nosiree!), and go to our segregated all-white suburban school in our segregated all-white suburban school district. It's conservative family values at work, it's the American Way! USA! USA! USA! Whoot yeah!

-- Badtux the Disgusted Former Teacher Penguin


  1. It's the equivalent to tearing the framing out of the wall in the back room of your house and burning it in the wood stove to stay warm in the winter.

    Except the Alien Lizard Overlords who plot out these destructive moves think that they have another house to live in, maybe somewhere in Switzerland. They think they can send their children to private schools, not those public schools where everybody who attends can just go to hell and die. They don't think they're going to have to walk around in a world where ignorant, unsocialized droogs are waiting to stick a gun in their face to steal their money and maybe blow that face off just for the hell of it.

    And their dumbass supporters who like the "sacrifices" of these moves either think they'll be rich enough to live like the overlords, or they don't have any kids in school, so they're immune from the fallout. Good luck avoiding the droogs, dumbasses.

  2. The way it is. It's more than just the empire being in decline. Our whole society has for the most part slid into the shitter willingly because they were told how it is by the becks and limbos.

    It is increasingly hard to take.

  3. The Empire is in Decline because we have allowed ourselves (well not ME specifically)to believe that good government is too expensive and that we don't need to pay for schools, police, fire or 7 carrier battlegroups ...
    I guess they DON'T grow on trees


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