Monday, February 19, 2007

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...

and not a symbol of male domination over womankind. Sorry, Ampersand. I just don't buy this neo-feminist nonsense that fat is a body image problem caused by male domination pushing a draconian body image upon women, rather than a health problem.

Look, both of those people above are just plain *fat*. Gender image has nothing to do with it. They have a health problem, not a body image problem. They're going to die at an earlier age than someone who is not morbidly obese. They're going to develop insulin-resistant diabetes at a far greater rate than someone who is not morbidly obese. They are going to suffer a restricted lifestyle due to the mobility issues of being morbidly obese. They aren't "victims of the patriarchy", they're just freakin' *FAT*. I'm not talking about "oh woa I'm a size ten and I wanna be a size one" fat. I'm talking about fat fat FAT fat. Morbidly obese fat. A health issue, not a body image issue.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, rather than being a phallic symbol of patriarchial oppression. Sheesh!

-- Badtux the Cigar-totin' Penguin


  1. i think people are fat because they 1. watch too much tv with ads that say eat, eat, eat 2. combined with no exercise

    like you said -- it's not a male or female thingy -- it's a people thingy being once again sucked into that mass marketing for fast food

    just look at the kids getting fatter and fatter every day...and watching too much tv

  2. Kelly said:
    "A woman has only acumen. But a good cigar is a smoke!"

  3. Yes I'm en retired Fireman, I've meet several of these/those people. Usually it's not a fact of too much food. but a body part that has shut down uncontrollably. Yes The tv is bad for us. But so are the garbages they pump into us. It causes the shut downs of theose vital functions to keep us alive. One I remember vividly, was a high school senior, in the 1980's, lovely girl, her boyfriend was a junior firefighter that I worked with keeping him safe at firescenes. She was the prom queen, maybe a 110 lbs, and I was with her when she died at home, In the late 90's after her thyriod shut down, over 600 lbs. She was lovely to the end.

  4. brrrr....

    I will never bitch about my pants feeling tight again.

  5. eewwwww, i just ate...

  6. You want to know what's even more obnoxious than the fat-rights crowd? The deaf-culture and autistic-rights crowds. If you're not familiar with them, both groups reject the notion that being deaf or autistic, respectively, is a genuine practical disability, believe that they're simply the victims of discrimination from the wider community, and do NOT want people to find a cure for their respective conditions.

    Nice to see that the Christianist and neocon right aren't the only crowd who let ideology get in the way of science -- or that some people have learned the wrong lessons from the civil rights, feminist and gay rights movements.


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