Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fuckity fuck fuck

Just disqualified myself from working for a political campaign. Good!

I was going to go camping with my new tent. But it is raining outside. Now, I hear you saying, "No duh, it's the rainy season in Northern California. So? You're an aquatic waterfowl, what do you care about rain?" Well, granted, rain just beads up and rolls off of my fine feathered carcass (thanks to the wonders of Marmot and Outdoor Research and Gore Inc.), and the gear in my backpack is either in heavy-duty utterly waterproof kayaking drybags or doesn't care if it gets wet, but still. I am wimp. Hear me whimper.

Of course, it's not *entirely* paranoia. I set the tent up in the living room of the apartment where my iceberg is currently docked and ran a line of seam sealer across the major seams, but I probably need another coat or two of seam sealer on the seams before I can really trust them not to leak. And sleeping in a leaky wet tent is just plain miserable. But it would just be miserable, not dangerous. I am such a wimp...

So I curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Hey, don't misunderestimate the danger of a cup of hot chocolate! Why, if I set it down on the futon beside me as I blog from my notebook computer and accidentally spilled it, it could soak my clothes and cause burns! Oh the dangers I put myself through for your sake... what can us say, us fowl (penguins and chickenhawks) must make sacrifices. Why, maybe I'll even put pants on sometime today! (Which of course is more than the brave cheeto-stained-finger warriors of the 101st Fighting Chickenhawks, 1st Chairborn Brigade, will do as they blog from their mommy's basements in support of a war they refuse to fight in, but still).

Oh, as you may have noticed, I'm back on my old ugly template. The new one I tried out just could not be made to work across all major browser platforms. I finally got it looking good under both Firefox and Opera, but then it broke under Internet Exploder. Sigh. Back to Web 0.9 (i.e., table tags).

-- Badtux the Cocooning Penguin


  1. A cup of hot chocolate sounds great. I can't decide whether to make chili, pot roast or some type of stew for dinner.

    The rain isn't that bad, thank goodness it is relatively warm in spite of the grayness.

  2. I was having problems with your new template. But, it may have been just me and nothing to do with the template.

  3. Lattes and my Dreamweaver homework for me today as the rain does its thing out here in Concord, CA. The feline brigade has had the most obvious solution to the weather: they're all on the bed sleeping.

    On second thought, the homework could wait until....

  4. Darn it. YOu're right. A cup of hot chocolate does sound nice. It's been below freezing here for two week straight, and there's nothing quite like hot chocolate to warm a person up (even if it is sugar free for us diabetic horses). :-)

    Now, as for working for politicians, just remember that when you associate with pigs, you get muddy.

    As far as going camping in this weather, well, I suppose some people might like it (the Inuit perhaps?). But, 14 degrees F is a bit too cool for me to enjoy being in the great outdoors. Besides, if the GFSM had meant for us to live outdoors, he would have had us living in trees, not cutting them down to build houses with. :-)

    Ok, off to the kitchen for that hot chocolate. Hmm, have you noticed that you get a lot more comments when you discuss food than you do when you discuss current events? ;-)


  5. "Why, maybe I'll even put pants on sometime today!"

    Did you go out to get the mail?

    Welcome back Badtux


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