Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Call out the Waaahmbulance!

So-called "journalists" whine about those bloggers who are, like, MEAN to them. The next bit, cleaned up a bit, goes to Richard Wollfe and his editors at Newsweek:

Dear Richard Wollfe: I don't want journalists to be partisans. I want journalists to report the truth. A citizen of a democracy has to know what's true and what's not true, so we can contact our representatives and tell them how we want them to vote, or vote them out of office if they refuse to do the right thing. Somebody has to figure out what is true and what's not true and report it, and if you useless "reporters" (stenographers) refuse to do so and instead whine that it's not your job because that is "analysis" (huh? When is reporting the truth "analysis"? Truth simply *is*!), we bloggers have to do so. And if you're upset that we bloggers are mean to you because you're making us do your job for you... Oh WAAAHHH! Poor little babies! We call on you reporters to do your job, we call on you to dig through all the piles of reeking flying monkey shit raining down on our head and report the truth buried underneath all the lies and deceptions and misleading statements, and you stamp your little footies and throw down your little journalistic shovels like munchkins going on strike and whine "Not my job!" at the top of your pathetic little voices. And it's we BLOGGERS who are out of line? DO YOUR FUCKING JOB AND THEN WE WON'T PISS ON YOU. Got it?

We bloggers already have full-time jobs making widgets or otherwise doing shit that makes the country's economy work. We don't have the resources of multi-billion-dollar corporations behind us. We don't have a team of researchers to dig up all the facts regarding a particular issue. Yet WE ARE MORE OFTEN RIGHT THAN YOU ARE because we do the job you refuse to do. We were right about Saddam's non-existent weapons of mass destruction. We were right about the lack of a Saddam-al Qaeda connection. We were right about the disaster that would be the Iraq occupation. We were right when we predicted civil war in Iraq. We were right, and we were right because we spent fucking HOURS AND HOURS of our own precious time away from our families and cats and livelihoods doing your fucking job for you and looking up the goddamned FACTS. The facts that you piss-poor excuses for "reporters" were too fucking stupid, lazy, or just plain bought to look up for yourself, instead just acting as stenographers for whatever vile political bullshit was being spewed by the goddamned Ministry of Truth as if it were God's own manna from the heavens instead of just a pile of reeking flying monkey shit.

So don't give me that bullshit about how we bloggers are so "mean" to you. Do your fucking job, report the truth, and you'll never hear from us again. Shit, I'd quit blogging tomorrow if I had access to a free press that would report the truth to me. But I don't. And I won't, as long as you reporters refuse to do your job and refuse to report the truth because you're too busy stamping your widdle footsies and whining that it isn't your job... shit, if it isn't YOUR job, then whose it? A fucking PENGUIN'S?!

-- Badtux the Truth-tellin' Penguin


  1. Blech. How can you watch those pompous stuffed shirts congratulate themselves?

    Great post.

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  3. (oops, try that again) Well said BT. I cannot comprehend that this is where the fine profession of journalism is nowadays and this is how they are taught to be in University. The mind boggles.

    Oh, and thanks for the post a few weeks back about being able to mail order Community Coffee. I never thought of it. But I am happily drinking my New Orleans Roast and getting lost in some fine memories of a fine former girlfriend from the Big Easy. Thanks again.


  4. Hear, hear! Well-said, my good penguin!

    It's not that there aren't good journalists, digging out and exposing the crap that journalists are supposed to bring to light. It's not even that there aren't good elected officials making an honest effort to govern for the greater good. No, it's that the highest levels of our current government, and simultaneously the most prominent media sellouts, are full of the worst examples of government and journalism.

    Fuck 'em... if journalists can't find it in themselves to do their jobs, bloggers, with our far more limited sources and resources, will attempt to do it for them. Somebody's gotta do it.

    SB the YDD

  5. I like picking on others and how they think. When they ban me from their blogs or sites I take it as an honor.

    The ones that claim to be liberal and then ban you, are not liberal at all. What ever in the hell liberal is.

    A lot of folks just don't like to be challenged. So the world still churns along in shitty ways.

  6. Huh? Who banned you, BBC? Curious penguins want to know! (Because this penguin has been banned in a number of places too!).

  7. Tux... The ones that ban me are mostly religious nuts like Christians or Muslims. The weak that believe in the bullshit they were taught.

    But even Huff Post has banned me at times, call that liberal?

    It's no big deal.


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