Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blogroll goodness

I have now randomized my blogroll so that I can clickity click over there at random to hit random blogs of interest to me. Take that, self-important big-name bloggers!

In other meta-blogging news, I am dreading the switch to New Blogger. See, I have three strikes against me:

  1. I have my own template which is utterly different from any of the Blogger standard templates
  2. I use Blogger's own comments code, not Hellscan
  3. I use my own server for hosting, not Blogspot.
So while blogs that don't have those three strikes have moved over smoothly, I'm not so sanguine about the possibility of my own efforts being so successful :-(.

And no, I don't have enough server to run my own blogging software. My server is hard-pressed to handle, process, spam-filter, virus-scan, and discard 50 pieces of spam and viruses per minute. No, I'm not joking about how pounded I am by spammers...

--Badtux the Spammed Penguin


  1. Faith is jumping and learning how to fly on the way down. You'll make it back somehow.

    Even if you have to have someone else host your site it won't be the end of the world, will it?

  2. Evil Spock is thinking about moving The Few to Wordpress.

  3. you can do it, penguin...I, too, have a unique, though hardly intricate, was a no-brainer...something necessary for the likes of moi...

  4. ahh -- blogger is very tempermental -- at best

    and don't ya hate spammers? they are like those persistent fleas on your outside pooches in the summer time

    i would suggest

    that you copy your HTML from this web/blog page

    and then you will have the ability -- if things are not working out for you on the new blogger -- jto ust cut and paste the goodies back in...

  5. MOve to wordpress or .... well anything except blogger basically ...

    PS Get it right in firefox first then introduce the buggerations for IE when else fails an IE only stylesheet or make heavy use of conditional comments.


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