Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Android's Dream

As noted in my post earlier today, I decided to read a book rather than go camping in the rain. I'm now finished with it. John Scalzi not only runs an interesting writing blog but also has some kick-rear novels. The Android's Dream, despite the title and cover with its shout-out to the great Phillip K. Dick, is not one of them. Rather, it is a romp, a romp with a literal deus ex machina at the end and a rather unexpected sheep (hence the shout-out to PKD). While an enjoyable read, I wouldn't buy it in hard cover unless you have a Science Fiction Book Club membership and can get it at 50% off during a special sale (as I did). Wait for the paperback.

-- Badtux the Literature Penguin


  1. I love P K Dick, so I'll definitely be looking this one up. Thanks!

  2. I think my warning was basically that any similarity to PKD's work is accidental, this novel is fluff. Well-written fluff, but fluff. Whatever you say about PKD's work, "fluff" doesn't come to mind. "mind-fuck", maybe. Not "fluff". (Whoops, just disqualified myself from working for a political candidate again!).


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