Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beware Teh Gay!

Wingnut Daily has noticed that the Army is cheating disabled troops in order to hold down costs. Wow. Just wow. Wingnut Daily. Posting a story critical of Dear Leader and His holy annointed administration. The rats truly are jumping off the ship.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of that story, I see a fascinating link: "Massachusetts judge orders teaching of the Gay Agenda". Oh dear. There's that evil supervillain, The Gay Agenda, again, with his rainbow cape and the big "G" on his chest, and the Gay Ray Gun of Gayness that he uses to shoot unsuspecting boys and girls to make them Teh Gay. I guess that, as an evil supervillain, the schools turned him away earlier in life. Perhaps he would not have become a supervillain if those nasty schools had allowed him to be taught. I am glad that a Massachussets judge now is going to allow The Gay Agenda to attend school. Teaching The Gay Agenda, though, probably is going to be a bit difficult for the teacher. I mean, c'mon. Here you are, with all these little shrimpy 4th graders, then there's this big lunk wearing tights and a rainbow cape, with a big Gay Ray Gun of Gayness clutched between his legs? And you think that won't be disruptive to the learning of the other students in the class?!

No, sadly I must agree with Wingnut Daily here. Teaching The Gay Agenda in a normal classroom is just too disruptive to the learning of our students. Besides, if we allow The Gay Agenda to be taught in a regular classroom, what next? The Joker sues for admission to Gotham University? Lex Luthor requests admission to Metropolis High School? Dr. Doom demands admission to Oklahoma State? Supervillains wearing tights, alas, simply are not appropriate as students in our classrooms.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

PS: C'mon, people, I've had *ZERO* submissions for pictures of The Gay Agenda, it'd be *great* to tag these posts about that mighty supervillian with a picture of him so that wingnuts can know what they're supposed to be shuddering in fear in their homes about! Flippers, guys. Penguins have flippers. We aren't good artists, okay?!


  1. I had a copy of Teh Gay Agenda right next to the copy of Teh Protocols of teh Elders of Zion but I traded it for a copy of Teh Secrets of teh Rosicrucians. Sorry; I should have made a photocopy.

  2. Hello, Badtux.
    I seriously doubt that Dr Doom would go to OSU, though I can see why the recruiters would want him as a fullback. I am not so sure that the billowing green cape would go quite well with orange & black.
    I'm thinking he might be more inclined to Michigan State.

  3. Ok, since you commented on my blog I'll draw you a picture of my vision of The gay Agenda.

    I need to do something creative today, anyway...

    later :)

  4. So do i put in on my blog or send it to you?

  5. The gay agenda is bullshit.

    Is that what you would like to hear?

    The largest percentage of gays these days are psychological misfits, not true gays.

    True gays lead quite peaceful lives and don't cause problems. I've experience both types and believe me, I prefer the natural ones as they make great friends and don't cause problems.

    And we don't fucking talk about it.

  6. Hey, l>t, either way is fine. My EMAIL is in the right column.

    - Badtux the Artless Penguin


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