Friday, May 20, 2011

Republican lizard people, Part XVIXV

Republican, complaining about school taxes: "People who can't afford to send their children to private school shouldn't have children."  
Me: "Yet they do. Why should children be punished for the actions of their parents?"  
Republican: "They should have chosen better parents."  
Me: "..."  
I guess on Planet Sociopath, where all these Republican lizard people come from, children actually choose their parents. Probably right after they hatch out of their eggs and look around for a likely mommy and daddy amongst the hoard of other lizard people shuffling around under smoggy skies.  
- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Somebody really said that, to your face? It's not apocryphal? If it's in the workplace, I'm sure there are limits to what you can say, but are you ever tempted to ask such people "Why do you hate humanity so much?"

    What that statement sounds like is Rush Limpballs. He's the mouthpiece for the lizard segment of society, giving voice to the inner fat, bitter, hate-filled loser that lurks inside everyone who's ever been dumped by a girl who realized she was too good for him. Most of us struggle to keep that inner loser in check, but Limpballs has given American society permission to set the lizard loose.

  2. It was at a GOP meet and greet back in 1990 in Houston, Bukko, where I'd crashed the party trying to get some of these rich bastards to fork over some money to get computers for an inner city school. He thought I was one of the fellow GOP brethren, which is why he said that to me. But the mentality is still there.

    BTW, the end result was that I got a single used Apple IIc out of the bastards, and only because one of the daughters of one of the bastards no longer needed it herself, having long since upgraded to a PC clone... I'm sure she patted herself on the back plenty about just how generous she was in donating that ancient thing, rather than just throwing it in the trash. So it goes.

    - Badtux the Elderly Penguin

  3. They also say stuff like, "Egg-cellent hatching dude." and so on.....

  4. To paraphrase Anatole France, the law (of nature) in its majesty forbids the rich as well as the poor to escape the ravages of certain genetically transmitted diseases. When your Republican adversary says "They should have chosen better parents," I can't help wondering how many people at that meet-and-greet suffered, say, diabetes. But according to them, I shouldn't care, since they should have chosen better parents.

  5. Steve, since they don't believe in modern science, I'm sure they think diabetes is something you catch from the rabble, and that the cure for diabetes is to kill all the diabetics amongst the rabble. Now I hear you say, "but that doesn't make sense!". Uhm... read the original post again and get back to me on that one. I'm sure that for cold-blooded lizard people from Planet Sociopath, it makes perfect sense :(.

    - Badtux the Warm-blooded Penguin


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