Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey hey hey, goodbye

So Mike "The Huckster" Huckleberry decides not to run for President. Now, the polls showed that Huckabee had a problem. Nevermind that he is further to the right than Ronald Reagan and is an ordained Baptist minister. He simply wasn't batshit crazy mean enough. Huckabee noted himself that Ronald Reagan couldn't be nominated by today's Republican Party, and someone who was right wing as hell but actually believed some of that Christian stuff in the New Testament... well. Everybody knows that Jesus feller was a no-good lazy hippie, yo!

So Huckabee's out 'cause he ain't crazy mean and spiteful enough to be nominated for President. And now Donald Trump is out. My guess: The Donald got worried that folks might start asking about his hair's birth certificate, and whether his hair has been neutered or not. Do we want an unneutered ferret running around the White House, spraying ferret musk all over the place? I think not! But seriously, Trump was never really running for President anyhow. It was all part of the act "Get myself in the news for a few news cycles" that Trump loves to play in order to keep his "brand" in the limelight. And once it became clear that Trump is a mean misogynous racist (and Trump's denials of such were hilariously misogynous and racist all by themselves), the majority of people were done with Trump. Americans tend to be racist as hell, but they don't want to think of themselves as being racist, 'cause being racist nowadays is just bad manners, yo.

So now we got crazies and a slimy newt running for President on the Republican ticket. Obama better be thanking the heavens right now, 'cause this is the only thing that can get him re-elected after a first term as a waffling wimp who gives in to banksters and doesn't stand up for ordinary Americans... in the end, Obama is like the IDF: Lucky in his enemies. You'll notice that once the IDF came up against a competent enemy (Hezbollah in southern Lebanon), they got their ass handed to them (and don't give me that crap about how they somehow "won", if you invade someone and end up scampering for home within six weeks, you *lost*). Luckily for Obama, looking at the assortment of losers, crazies, and non-persons that the Republicans are running, they look an awful more like Egyptians and Syrians to Obama's IDF... a.k.a., toast.

And so are the rest of us, for that matter. The Republican Party is the party of "If only I had a heart" and "If only I had a brain". Obama's Democratic Party is more the party of, "If only I had a spine." They oughtta rename themselves The Invertebrate Party and be done with it.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. The next Presidential election scares the hell out of me. Do we re-elect Hopey-Changey, who isn't? Or do we elect Abandon-Hope-All-Ye-Who-Elect-Me?

    I'm soooo disappointed.

  2. Yeah, it's a choice between hopeless and "Oh shit!"... sigh. WASF.

    - Badtux the Waddling Penguin

  3. The corporate powers want Hopey to remain in charge. So they'll allow some crypto-fascist idiot to be the "R" nominee in order to throw some meat to the mouth-breathers and frighten all the sane people into voting to re-elect President Hindenberg. That will keep the proles fighting amongst themselves for another four years while the hollowing-out and selling-off continues. The collapse should be fully underway by 2016, so any election then won't matter.

    What never ceases to amaze me is how much focus there is in the meeja about an election for one man that won't happen for a year and a half. Part of it's the media manipulation, but there's also human psychology at work. We're all so fixated on who's going to be our daddy, or the leader of the tribe. We havem't progressed that far from being silly, screeching monkeys in the trees...

  4. This isn't about what the corporate powers want, Bukko. This is about a Republican base which has been driven into a froth by the notion of a black man in the White House, and which has completely jumped the shark in an attempt to deny the fact that they're as racist as a KKK klavern. All that stuff about birth certificates (and yes, the afterbirfers are *still* at it) is shorthand for "all black men are liars", for example, and the stuff about "socialist take-over" is shorthand for "all black men are thieves." It's racism, pure and simple, but racism is no longer fashionable so they latch upon anything, no matter how crazy and devoid of any basis in fact, to explain why they hate Obama. When the real reason is simple: He's black.

    Which is a pity. There is room in America for a real policy-based discussion about what the best way forward is. But you can't have a discussion with a party of frothing racist madmen who aren't interested in discussion, just demonization. That, more than anything, is why the corporate powers want Hopey to remain in charge and are going to open their coffers to him and to Democrats starting in November. The whole debt limit thing, for example , has scared them shitless -- the Republicans have gone so far over the top in their attempts to destroy Obama (because he's a scary black man, yo) that the Republicans are willing to destroy the good faith and credit of the United States of America -- which they rely on implicitly for their own wealth. So they've turned their focus towards subverting Obama -- and largely succeeded. Not that they had to work hard. Lest we forget, Obama's grandfather, who did much of the work of raising him, was a banker.

    - Badtux the WASF Penguin

  5. The Republican Party is the party of "If only I had a heart" and "If only I had a brain". Obama's Democratic Party is more the party of, "If only I had a spine." They oughtta rename themselves The Invertebrate Party and be done with it. - BadTux

    If I still had a place for a banner quote, that would be in it today.

  6. Oh, and I've said it before...

    Before I'd vote for Huckabee,
    I think I'd sooner fuckabee.


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