Sunday, May 01, 2011

Osama bin Laden dead

The President broke into network TV to announce that Osama bin Laden was killed today by a U.S. military team which assaulted a mansion in a suburb of Islamabad, Pakistan. His body is now in American hands.

Personally I wish they'd take the murderous bastard and put his head on a pike and tie it to a flagpole on the site of the former WTC until the birds rip all the flesh from the bones and the worms finish off the interior of the skull. But I'm just bloody-minded that way.

Now here's the question, President Obama: We've got Osama. Can we leave Afghanistan, now?

-- Badtux the Bloody-minded Penguin

And some borrowed snark:

Dear Mr. Bush,

We are sorry to inform you that in spite of efforts by ISI and Army of Pakistan on your behalf, your rental property in Abbottabad has been unexpectedly vacated. As the previous tenant gave no notice and failed to leave the premises "Broom Clean" you are not obligated to direct the return of the substantial security deposit or tenant improvement allocation. Payments to your Haliburton Account in the Cayman Islands will resume upon the next tenants occupancy.

Best Regards

And Fox News celebrates:


  1. GREAT !! You guys support Pakistan till the end of the world. What do they do ? They hide your most wanted DOA criminal arch nemesis in their front yard for 10 F**** years. Still you continue to support them. I can understand your vital link into Afgan / Iraq frontlines is via Pakistan. For Pete's sake stop supporting these stupid terrorist states. Else you gonna get attacked everytime and all the time by your "allies".

  2. I have to admit that my lifelong commitment to nonviolence has been sorely strained every time I've thought about that bastard.

    But face it: his death has practically no effect on us. The damage to the US is long since done, or underway, and America is doing a lot of that damage to itself.

    What wars will end? none. What covert actions will cease? none. What budget-busting military expenditures will be reduced by even $1 bn? none. What civil liberties will be restored to American citizens? What violations of Geneva will cease? What extraordinary rendition will be discontinued? What torture will stop being performed? ... You get the idea.

    There's a moment of feel-good, a symbolic lift, when you learn that the fucker is dead. But don't expect the feeling to last, or any real benefit to come of his death.

  3. Mr. 7fxxx4 from India, I've long held that Osama bin Laden was in Islamabad being protected by the ISI. The facts seem to support that conclusion. You'll note that President Obama said this was an *AMERICAN* operation, not a *joint* American-Pakistani operation. Clearly he had that same suspicion.

    That said, U.S. support for Pakistan is going to continue as long as it takes to get U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, because otherwise it becomes difficult to supply those troops. See Steve's comment though about when *that* is going to happen. At the earliest, it won't be until Obama done been electorated again in November of next year, 'cause like the Chimperor, he wants to run as a "War President" too. BLEH!

    Steve, do you think maybe we're being just a little too cynical here? (Pauses ten seconds). Err... NO. Anybody who survived the Shrubbery's realm *can't* be too cynical, 'cause anything we expected bad to happen, the Shrubbery always managed to top. And Obama's not been much of a disappointment in that regard either. Yeah, I see your cynicism and raise you a snark...

    - Badtux the Cynically Snarky Penguin

  4. Yeah, I a bit of a blood lust type person. I like your maypole idea.

  5. I'm wondering how long it will take before someone like Oily Taintz claims that there's a cover-up, like with Hopey's birth certificate, because there's no body on display? They'll be called the "Bodders," and the movement will be like a magnet for all the (metal) nuts on the reich side of the political spectrum.

    In fact, it could be secretly promoted by the Obama admin. as a way of making his opposition look foolish. The Bodder movement would build and build before the 2012 election, egged on by the inane TV nooz networks, until in October 2012, Obama could unveil the actual, fragmented head of bin Laden, which had been covertly kept on ice in the National Archives... Greatest October Surprise since secretRealpresident Pappy Bush convinced the Iranians to hold the hostages until the 1980 election was over!

    See, Tux, in this age of everything phony, it's not hard to let one's mind crash through the looking glass of insane speculation, because the most irrational suspicion might actually be reality. It also helps that I'm now working on the psych ward at my hospital. The crazed crap I can come up with is nowhere near as far-out as the delusions of some of my patients.

  6. I'm so glad I am not alone in the old school wish for the head on a spike. I know one death doesn't fix it all; but at least he doesn't get to sit pretty in a Pakistani palace congratulating himself for the continuing chaos.

  7. You are not cynical enough Tux. Pakistan gave up Osama after hiding him for 8 years. It may not have been a joint op but the lack of Paki response was no accident on their part. To give up such a big prize means they see a big reward from somewhere. The question yet unanswered is what is Pakistan getting out of this? I wish my own Cyni-scope could tell me.

  8. Best snark ever Mr. P, but that Bukko Canukko is so high jump snark!

  9. Hey ... sorry, if I implied you it was as in "American government" not as in the SnarkyPenguin :-P. Anyways glad to see terrorists ded. Not that the "Indian government" has done anything since the Mumbai attacks we had not too long ago.

    Maybe with Obama we can "Hope" that he can "Change" the foreign policies to that which support uprisings like in Egypt / Tunisia / Libya / Bahrain instead of funding Pakistan military ( whose personnel have many strong ties to Al Qaeda ).


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