Friday, May 13, 2011

Not all here yet

Blogger is still bloggered up. So check out my Wordpress site until Blogger is back in business again.

-- Badtux the Blogging Penguin


  1. Buggered up for about 24 hours here but when they got things somewhat in order again things still didn't work right for me until I closed the windows and opened up new windows.

  2. I think you should stick with Wordpress. Fcuk Blogger and teh Oogle that stands behind it, eh?

  3. Well, it's like skippy says -- Blogger: you get what you pay for...

  4. Indeed, just waiting to see if they get my old comments back... hopefully by the end of the weekend everything will be back up and going.

  5. They've re-instated ours ...

  6. The last 3 or 4 comments on the YSS on Blogger never reappeared. From what I've read, that great bit-bucket in the sky is really in need of dumping after this whole incident.

    At present I'm sticking with the Wordpress version of my blog (same URL, just "wordpress" instead of "blogspot"). Even when I don't pay for it and Blogger has no contractual obligations to me, I don't like the attitude that allows them to let shit like that happen.

  7. Still pondering whether to go to Wordpress full time or not. One issue is blogroll management -- I haven't figured out how to put a Google Reader blogroll into Wordpress other than exporting all of my Reader bookmarks into an opml and importing them wholesale into Wordpress. Blogger allows me to manage my bookmarks in Reader so my RSS feeds and my bookmarks stay in sync. The other issue is one of corporate continuity. The notion of Google going out of business anytime in the next ten years is laughable. Wordpress? They could be bought up tomorrow and put out of business, like Haloscan was bought up by Echo and cancelled.

    More later, this deserves a post all its own...

    - Badtux the Decision-pondering Penguin

  8. Here's a short answer, one that may (or may not) suit your needs, but it did allow me a free move of my blogroll...

    View your old blog. View Page Source in Firefox (though this may work in other browsers as well). Select carefully everything from the UL to its closing tag. Copy-paste it into... no, not a Wordpress Links widget, but their Text/HTML widget. Save. Enjoy!

    (Oh. I just read your downstream post that you've decided to stay with Blogger. Still, this trick may be of some use to you. I'm still deciding. Yesterday's frustration attempting to post a Mediaite video in Wordpress was almost dispositive... Wordpress doesn't much like IFRAME tags, and forcibly replaces them with other pseudo-containers that end up showing the link instead of its content. But I want to try a few more things before I abandon it.)

    First, though... sleeeep, I need sleeeep...


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