Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Rapture of My Tire

This came out of my tire:

See previous day for photo of it actually *in* my tire. The tire store looked at the tire, and plugged it up and said it was fine. BFG offroad tires apparently are *tough*.

While my tire physically raptured, Harold Camping, trying to explain why Christians didn't just get sucked into the sky like a drunk redneck being hoovered up by proctology-practicin' UFO aliens, hit upon the explanation that it was a spiritual rapture. The end of the world is still on schedule for October 21st. Err.... alrighty, then.

BTW, just an update: Botox Girl was a hoax. Phew! I don't know whether to be relieved, or to be upset that the state of society is such that the story seemed plausible enough for major news outlets to cover as if it were real.

That's all the news for now, back to work. Here, have a cat -- this is TMF on a windy Sunday afternoon.

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. I can't believe your cat actually does this! I tried it on my cat and she plopped down and would not move! Meowed bloody murder is what she did! :D Cool cat :)

  2. Your cat has you on a leash. All Hail the Mighty Fang, leader of penguins. ;)

  3. I can not top Montag.

    Last time you took him out all he did was lay down. He was enjoying himself here.

    Nice screw. Do you carry any tire repair tools? I need to but you have to buy the good stuff for tires like this. Trying to not spend. I have used a drill bit on occasion but for most the probe and the inserter heavy duty will get 'er done. A couple tubes of bicycle glue along with a half a dozen quality plugs from your buds down at the tire store both to save space and money. I've been lucky and I know someday I'll probably have to pay.

  4. I ran over a box-yes the WHOLE box-of 2" drywall screws a few years ago. Got off the highway, changed the tire, and went to the tire shop. They stopped counting at 35 screws in the tire and laughed when they discovered that the top of the box was also still attached to my tire.

    My tire was pronounced DOA and had to be replaced.

  5. Andaluciana, the first time I took him out, he did plop down and not move. He didn't meow bloody murder though. That would take too much energy, and he's rather too placid a cat for that.

    Montag: Yes, you don't walk a cat. A cat walks you ;). The most I do is gently tug on his leash if he's about to go somewhere that his leash is going to get tangled in the brush.

    One Fly: Yes, Montag got to the truth of the matter quite pithily :). TMF's actually been out a few times on the harness now. He has gotten somewhat accustomed to it, but still doesn't want to stay outside for more than ten minutes or so because it annoys him (thus why his tail kept twitching). I still have not dared take him out the gate. While he is a rather placid kitteh who doesn't freak out easily, a strange dog or cat might result in bloodshed. Not *his* blood. Mine.

    Regarding tire repair tools, I do have tire repair tools in my toolbox, I have the cement and the stringy plugs and an air pump and I know how to seat a bead the exciting way (heh! Involves flammables and matches. All you need to know :-). This one was rather too big for the stringy plugs though, the tire place put a real backside plug in it and backed it up with a patch besides.

    Anteater: Once they reroofed a house my mom was living in. I came back from college and, not thinking, parked in the lawn to make room for my mother to get into the carport. I ended up with three of those stringy plugs in that tire :). But 32... uhm. No. That would have made even poor college student me sigh and spring for a new tire (luckily tires for a Chevy Chevette were pretty cheap -- around $30 apiece -- these bloody offroad tires are $250 apiece!).

  6. Tux -

    Your tire was RUPTURED, not RAPTURED.

    Seems to be a common mistake.


  7. Ah, so that was Harold Camping's problem -- he misread a "U" as an "A", not surprising since he's reading his Bible with 89 year old eyeballs. It was The Rupture that occurred Saturday, not The Rapture!

    That makes *everything* make more sense ;).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  8. Hub and I used to own a Toyota 4Runner several years ago, and that damn thing was a screw magnet. :-) Lost count of the times we had to take a tire in and get a screw out of it.

    Speaking of cats and leashes, I just spent a fortune at the vet so that my kitties can prowl the neighborhood (on leashes) flea-and-tick-free. Tux, what do you use to prevent those tiny pests?


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