Monday, March 08, 2010

To worship

Andrew Sullivan over at The Dish claims that all men worship something, and that spiritual worship, like his worship of "God", is preferable to other kinds of worship because other kinds of worship will eat you up. Really? Does worshipping freedom, justice, and liberty eat you up? Does worshipping truth eat you up?

Andrew is trying to justify his Catholic faith despite the fact that his religion hates him for being gay, but it is clear that he has not thought this through. There are far better things to worship than some vague "spirituality". Truth, justice, freedom, lots of things can give your life meaning and purpose besides the false dichotomy of "materialism" and "spiritualism" that Andrew sets up. The notion that one must worship some invisible guy in the sky in order to not worship the Almighty Dollar is ludicrous. Indeed, far too many who claim to worship some invisible guy in the sky seem to worship the Almighty Dollar even more...

-- Badtux the Not-binary Penguin

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  1. I kind of like Sullivan, though he is clearly a very confused person. His gayness is totally irreconcilable with either Catholicism or conservatism, and he is cursed with both. I say cursed advisedly. Though one can dump being Catholic, it's damned hard, even for a skeptic like me. But conservatism is a personality trait, like gayness is a biological trait. He can no more shrug them off than I could change my eye-color or stop being a smart-ass.

    Can you imagine the misery of living in that man's benighted soul?

    WASF, but for him, it's worse.


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