Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good for me and not for thee?

The self-styled "militiaman" who called for "Sons of Liberty" to throw bricks through Democratic legislators' offices in protest of health care reform makes his living by... receiving government disability checks. Mike Vanderboegh is on disability and is eligible for Medicare because of that (currently the only way you can receive Medicare prior to age 65), but apparently now that he has *his* government health care, the rest of us can piss off...

Hypocrisy. It's what makes the Teabaggers go 'round. Calling for an end to "government healthcare" at the same time they receive Medicare. Bwhahahahahaha!

-- Badtux the Astounded Penguin


  1. You can't explain this kind of hypocrisy to those who suffer from irony defficiency...

  2. True. However, their deficient in more than just irony.


  3. OOPS!
    Did I really spell deficiency with two "f's?"
    How embar-ASS-ing!

    But they do have a lot of vitamin K, as in "KKK."

    I can hardly wait to see what the protests in Harry's home town looked like. I saw a few photo's on Kos, but none from up above. These people must have a lot of money to go around from state to state like this. I'm sure that there are local teabuggerer's there too. But, I'm sure there are those from out of state, as well.
    I'm sure that their cribs and rims were paid for by the corporate masters behind the movement.

  4. Crap, now I can't even spell "shit." SHIT!!!

  5. But you must not have read his very careful explanation of exactly why he is taking the government handout. In true guerrilla fashion, he is using the enemy's resources against it.
    Of course, one is then left to wonder how he plans on surviving after he and his 3% have successfully thrown off the yoke of tyranny. Will he then have to get a job? Perhaps he can be a (paid) worker in the new government: 'Head Goon', or 'Chief Writer of Correct Information'.

  6. I think sick fcuks like this Vanderbugger get extra-angry at the government because they feel guilt over the fact that they get government money.

    Here they are, with cerebral philosophical principles about self-reliance and independence and belief in St. Ronnie's "nine most terrifying words in the English language." Yet at the same time, they know they'd be scavenging through rubbish bins for food and dying in a roadside ditch of some treatable illness if it weren't for government largesse.

    They deal with that cognitive dissonance by turning the rage they feel against themselves and redirecting it outside, against the .gov. Better to hate someone else than yourself, or -- heaven forbid! -- accept the fact that your society is helping you out because you're a member of that society, and it's OK to get some help when you need it.

    My mom's like that. She's a government-hating Republican, in large part as a reaction to my late father, who got increasingly left-wing as he got older. Mom's livin' large now, with two monthly pension cheques from my dad's careers in the U.S. Army and bureaucracy. She also gets a small monthly payment from where she worked at a government hospital in Maryland, plus her Social Security. She must rake in $75K a year from all that. Her entire life since I was a child has been sustained by sucking at the taxpayer teat.

    Yet she kvetches about how much she has to pay in taxes. I'm cruel, so I get my digs in by reminding her that almost every penny she ever spent came from tax money, so why should she whinge about giving a little bit back? Bugs the sit out of her!

    Wait -- I mean "the shit"...

  7. This guy is just an anecdote. A few anecdotes does not a generalization make.

    But this is shows you how insidious government programs can be. They start out small and now everyone, even Republicans are fighting to keep medicare solvent.

    You guys know darn well that Obamacare is intended not as a solution, but as a camels nose to single payer government control, and then from there to dictating lifestyles, how many kids you can have, and how much CO2 you can exhale. Because you know, the erudite bureaucrats know what is best for you.


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