Sunday, March 07, 2010

More right-wing manliness fail

World Nut Daily has its tighty righty whities all in a dither about the notion that gays might get the names and addresses of people who donate or sign petitions in support of right-wing anti-gay causes and... and... stwike them very wuffly.

Right wingers. Scared of gays being mean to them. Talk about some folks with manliness issues... uhm, aren't these the same dudes who brag about how they pack iron and would shoot any suspiciously dusky brown person who looked at them threateningly? And they're scared of gays? Is that lame or what, yo?

-- Badtux the Gay Agenda Penguin

If you want to see the actual WND article, go to and search for "Vote for marriage? You're on a hit list". I have a policy of not linking to hate sites. Warning: If you go there, your IQ is guaranteed to drop at least 10 IQ points, probably more...


  1. A 10-point I.Q. drop is a generous way of stating it, 'Tux. I think a 10-point drop would put most people who would go there into "negative" I.Q. territory.

  2. Hey, what's this about WorldNetDaily and IQ points dropping?

    I been reeding that sight evry day for a yeer and my eye kew is just fein.

  3. You must be wrong: if I hadn't gone to WND, I would not know the truth about 2012 (well, I still don't know the truth, but I as soon as I buy that book I will). And how can any site that has a link to Chuck Norris' web site be anything but wonderful and true!

  4. I can barely type through the blinding headache caused by my corpus callosum and any attached brain matter trying to implode upon itself after reading WND. You warned me. What tripe.

  5. Phil, I was being charitable ;).

    Tom: I've been reading World Nut Daily for years. Yes, I have an IQ of 140. But it used to be an IQ of 180. For true!

    SeDress: Yes, I learn so many interesting things at WND :). As for Chuck, I think he's been drop-kicked to the head a few too many times over his life.

    ConCerned: I suggest tylenol, and then a trip over to Josh Marshall's joint. That'll either give you an even worse headache, or cure you altogether. Sorry, this is like the apple in the Garden of Eden, once you take a bite you can't go back :(.

    - Badtux the Tree of Good and Evil Penguin


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