Monday, March 08, 2010

Out of the closet

Republican State Senator Roy Ashburn says, "I'm Gay." He defends his anti-gay votes in the past by saying he was simply representing the wishes of his constituents, though many of his gay-bashing comments seemed to go well beyond simply representing his constituents.

Still, my best wishes to Senator Ashburn. Unlike Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, etc., he manned up and admitted reality, bluntly and without trying to hide what was by now blatantly obvious. Roy is now on a new journey in life (he's term-limited out of his Senate seat this year), and hopefully he will be able to find peace in his heart now that his "terrible dark secret" is out -- and maybe even find happiness. And Great Penguin knows there's not enough of that in the world...

-- Badtux the Unsnarky Penguin


  1. Sorry, BadTux, but when I read one of these stories, I think of this cartoon.

  2. Yeah, he manned up and admitted reality, but the revelation that he only voted the way he did to reflect his "conservative constituents" makes me respect him even less. In other words, he knew that his votes were wrong, he knew that other people like him were being hurt by his votes and words, but he did it anyway.


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