Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Shook up penguin

Around 8:30PM I was heading down the road approaching an intersection, I had the green light, and a Buick LaSabre coming from the opposite direction turned directly in front of me to turn into the cross street. I hit him broadside despite immediately jamming on my brakes when I saw him entering the intersection, there was just no way to miss him.

I'm okay. My Jeep is not, it broke the pitman arm off the steering box and did who knows what other damage to the Jeep. But the Jeep can be fixed or replaced. Luckily I had slowed drastically from the 45-50mph that I'd been going (the speed limit on that street is 50mph), I think the three men in the other car will be okay too, but one of them had to be extracted from the vehicle with the Jaws of Life and carried off in an ambulance. There were three fire trucks, a couple of tow trucks, an ambulance, and at least three police cars on the scene at the peak of the action. And yes, the car behind him witnessed him running the red light and I have her name and phone number and she spoke to the cops about what she saw.

So tomorrow I get to call my insurance company and rent a car and find someone to fix my Jeep. For the moment, though, I'm just going to lie in bed and think soothing thoughts.

-- Badtux the Shook-up Penguin


  1. I'm betting one vehicle or the other had a pre-existing condition. You're SOL. Sorry, buddy, I don't make the rules.

  2. Sorry, BT,DT. Like you, I had a witness that was willing to go on the record. The only good thing when it happened to me was that about six months later, I got a check from my insurance company for the deductible and, because it was not my fault, the crash didn't have any effect on my premiums.

  3. BT,
    This is what i always preach,the greatest threat facing the avg American is NOT terrorism ,but rather the automobile.
    This is the greatest threat to our daily lives.We are exposed daily to death and disfigurement.
    Glad you are OK.

  4. Car crashes suck in many ways. But at least you're in one piece...

  5. Whoa. So sorry. Glad you walked away.

  6. No snark, just best wishes.

  7. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Glad you're okay, 'Tux.

  8. Good thing you weren't on your motorcycle!

  9. Glad you're okay, BT, and I hope those in the car with you all recover quickly.

  10. 618, there was not anybody else in the car with me, I was going home from work. There were three people in the other car, and one of them did *not* walk away :(.

    Bukko: I had some close calls on the motorcycle caused by this same kind of thing -- distracted drivers doing something stupid -- that is why I hung up my motorcycle helmet. My Jeep is my only vehicle right now.

    Phil, Sator, Nunya, JimY,Ghost, Comrade, thanks for the well wishes. Ranger, agree, definitely.

    - Badtux the Shook-up Penguin

  11. Tux -

    Shook up, indeed!

    Most important, you're OK.

    Next most important the other guys are OK, too, we hope.

    Also important - witness on your side.

    Good - the Jeep is fixable, we hope.

    I was in a multi-car pile up, almost 20 years ago. No injuries to people. Fucked up the cars. It was early afternoon. When we got hope we had a big mug of tea with tons of sugar (we NEVER use sugar.) Then we went to bed and slept for 2 hours.

    You did the right thing.

    Good luck,

  12. A little humor for the penguin in everybody:


    Humor, truly the best medicine, and sometimes the only thing to keep one from crying.

  13. My husband and I were in a crash a couple of weeks ago. All walked away, but our truck is a disaster; we feel REALLY lucky that insurance will repair it.

    There's nothing quite like the feeling of shock and dislocation you get after such an event. I'm glad you're okay after yours, and I hope the people in the other car will be okay, too.

  14. Man,that sucks but at least you are okay and still able to snark.

  15. Thank heavens you were able to walk away. The Jeep is replaceable and/or fixable.

    Than heavens you have a witness, too, who spoke to the cops at the scene.

    And here's hoping the folks in the other vehicle come out of this fine.

    They really need to do something in the way of beefing up the driving laws in CA. We're at the point where I see people on bicycles, fer cryin' out loud (and I'm a bicyclist, too, so it really pisses me off), texting. While listening to their iPod.

    I went to traffic court with a buddy last year and the lady in front of us said, with a straight face, "But your honor, I wasn't TALKING on my phone, I was just PLAYING with it at the red light." Uh huh. That was right after the state enacted the fines for using a hand-held cellular phone while driving, and the local news stations got the initial fine wrong and people went to court to challenge the dollar figure. Sorry, didn't mean to get on a distracted driving/cycling rant...

  16. BT - Like the others, glad you are OK. Been there.

  17. *hugs* Glad you're basically ok & I hope you're un-shook soon.

  18. Sooooo - Are you planning on buying a Toyota next?

  19. Nope. Going to fix my baby. Insurance gal took a look at her today, repairs should start next week. Nothing wrong with my Jeep that a bit of (the other guy's) dough won't fix!


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