Friday, March 19, 2010

Some quickies

The GOP sure likes children -- braised and with hollaindaise sauce, that is. Attacking an 11 year old motherless child? Classy, GOP, classy! For some definition of "classy" traditionally applied to transvestite street walkers with hairy legs, that is.

Hispanics are upset because Hispanic is listed as a culture, not a race, on the Census, requiring them to put their race as "White" or "American Indian" depending upon which side of the pond their ancestors came from. I'm upset because Cajun or French isn't listed at all on the Census. They're making me put my race as "White"? Appalling! And I'm sure Irish and Italians are upset for the same reason. For shame on the Census for having no place to write the Irish race!

Blacks are upset because the word "Negro" was added to the Census by 90 year old black men from Memphis, or maybe by Clarence Thomas, both of whom wrote in that word on the last Census for their race. Folks -- get over it and check the box beside "Black" and "African American" if you want your representative to be black in the next redistricting. Sheesh!

The Governator just tweeted, "Tomorrow is BE Californian. Be Counted Day. Fill out your Census form and mail it back to help all Californians". First time I've agreed with that muscle-headed fraud in a *long* time...

GOP talking point: "Big Government is evil because thousands of lives would be saved if FDA approved prostate cancer vaccine!" Reality: err... as of February 5 2010, there is not yet a human prostate cancer vaccine. Ooops! Right wing lie, much? :)

-- Badtux the Quicky Penguin (no, not THAT kinda quicky!).


  1. One time on a college registration form I checked "other" and filled in American Magyar.

    Wouldn't screw like that with the census, though.


    P.S. - Hey, I dedicated a post to you the other day.
    did you miss it? Aint heard nuthin' from you about it.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to fill the danged thing out.


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