Friday, August 26, 2011

Not impressed

Black cats are notoriously hard to photograph, and The Mighty Fang is no exception. Especially difficult is the fact that his size is deceptive. His proportions make him look smaller than he really is. In this photo, the dryer looks small and the cat looks normal-sized. That's actually a *giant* warm vibrating catalounger err dryer -- so large we not only had to take the door off to get it into the laundry room, but also take off the trim moldings on the sides of the doorframe. But TMF makes it look small. Huh.

-- Badtux the Giant-cat-owned Penguin


  1. You're right. I stared and stared at the pic, and it STILL looks like a normal-sized cat on a miniature dryer.

    Alas, our vibrating catalounger is off-limits to our cats; it's in the garage, which is often used as a wood or metal shop, so there is detritus on the floor that should NOT get into kitty paws.

  2. Been wondering about this damn cat. Life is too sweet for Fang.

  3. Ya, Karen, about the only thing that gives TMF's real size away are those little cat feet, which are actually normal-sized cat feet attached to a giant-sized cat.

    And yes, I don't let TMF into my garage for much the same reason.

    One Fly, yeah, TMF has life *so* hard, TMF has his own warm vibrating catalounger to vibrate his worries away. I wish I had me some sort of warm vibrating barcalounger for that same purpose! But of course, you listen to TMF and he'll tell you I'm the world's worst staff because I don't feed him enough, he complains bitterly anytime I'm near his food bowl that I need to fill it, like, *now*, 'cause he's just pining away despite the fact that he got fed only a couple hours before. He's 18 pounds. Clearly he isn't dying of starvation :).

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  4. Put something next to him for size comparisons, like a chihuahua. Then take a picture before he eats it.

  5. Cat on a warm tin roof.

  6. Bukko, given the teacup-sized miniatures available nowadays, it'd just make the dog look smaller, not the cat look bigger. Besides, TMF would just groom a chihuahua (see his typical behavior when close to other fur-bearin' varmints). He has no fear or hatred of yippy dogs, though if they annoy him he'll whack'em on the nose (doh!) at which point you get this situation.

    MandT -- yes, a warm tin *vibrating* roof. Can't forget the vibrating part. That's what makes his warm vibrating catalounger a warm vibrating catalounger (he *only* gets up there while I'm drying clothes).

    - Badtux the Giant-cat-owned Penguin


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