Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jesus loves the little children

This I know, for his joystick tells me so:

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Who knew that Jesus was a Catholic priest?

I can hear the conversation between the product manager and the engineer:

PM: "We need something for the religious market."
E: "How about a light switch cover?"
PM: "I like it!"
E: "I'll make it so you can turn Jesus on."
PM: "What do you mean? How do you turn Jesus on?"
E: "With a finger, of course."

Jesus loves you… he really does.

I am so going to Hell, Michigan, one of these days :).

- Badtux the Heretical Penguin


  1. I am so going to Hell, Michigan, one of these days

    Don't bother. There is nothing there except a few shops, a bike trail and a post office, so your mail can be post-marked "Hell."

    On second thought, they do have ice cream.

    JzB the don't go to Hell trombonist

  2. One of the shops in Hell -- the one with the little marriage chapel/gazebo -- has some Hell T-shirts. The Hell PD and Hell FD shirts seem particularly popular.

  3. I look at that switchplate...and yes, all the terrible, horrible bad jokes do apply; and then I recall a time when it would have been unthinkable to so joke. Not because of any censoring impulse, but because of a deeply inherent innocence.

    And that time is forever, ever, ever gone.

  4. JzB, Mr. 618, I am certainly in no hurry to go to Hell(MI), and don't intend to spend much time there when I do. Hell for me is more a passing through thing on the way to more interesting places.

    Labrys, yes, I remember those times, when Catholic priests could diddle little children without fear because the very thought of a Catholic priest doing something so abhorrent was unthinkable. Of course, now we know that the Catholic Church has been covering up the problem of priests diddling little children for decades... i.e., those times were "innocent" only because we were ignorant of what was actually happening. I prefer knowing to the "innocence" of ignorance that allows evil to happen in silence.

    - Badtux the Heretic Penguin

  5. But penguin dude, does it glow in the dark? lol good one!

  6. Hell ain't got nothin' on Felch, MI, which I used to pass through when I drove across the Upper Peninsula. To make matters more disgusting, that hamlet is in Dickinson County. This obscure, obscene reference only makes sense if you know what "felch" means. (Warning -- link not safe if you have eaten recently.)

  7. FWIW, Hell, Michigan is, for around five or six months of the year, absolutely wonderful. I can hardly think of a place I would rather be in July or August. Hanging out on the lake and swimming. *sigh* Great camping too!

    So if you are coming this way, I would recommend summer. Cos when there is a cold day in Hell, everyone suffers and all you will see are people shivering and walking around with sad boo boo faces :(


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