Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yet another chickenhawk hates our troops...

Twenty-two Naval hospital corpsmen have received the Medal of Honor for conspicuous bravery in saving the lives of soldiers under fire. I don't know if any of you have ever had anybody fire a gun at you, but your first instinct (especially if unarmed) is to run like hell and hide for the next hundred years -- *not* run towards the shooter in order to save someone's life. The kind of person who would run -- unarmed -- into the path of enemy fire in order to save the lives of their fellow soldiers is someone who is well deserving of the Medal of Honor, and the twenty-two Naval hospital corpsmen who have so earned it over the past 100 years did so fair and square.

Well, unless you're a right-wing religious fucktard by the name of Bryan Fischer, "Director of Issues Analysis" for the conservative "Christian" group the American Family Association, who complains that awarding the medal to someone for "merely" saving lives somehow "feminizes" the medal and diminishes it. This right-wing chickenhawk has never served in the military, has never had a shot fired his direction in anger, has no idea of the bravery it takes to run *towards* bullets rather than *away* from them, but apparently he feels that spitting on the faces of the families of those twenty-two medical corpsmen who received the Medal of Honor is all fine and dandy because it allows him to attack his darky President for granting the Medal of Honor to *another* of those darkies for, err... saving the lives of American soldiers while killing at least one of the Taliban fighters he faced.

So I have a medal for Bryan Fischer here, a medal he has truly earned and deserved. And here it is:

Yes inded, Mr. Bryan Fischer, you have earned the Chickenhawk Medal of Honor. Your conspicuous bravery in criticizing the courage of our proud Naval Corpsman recipients of the Presidential Medal of Honor, accompanied by your conspicuous bravery in having "other priorities" whenever the possibility of serving in the military yourself arose, has well earned you this prestigious award. Congratulations, dear sir! I'm certain this medal shall find a prized spot on your fireplace mantlepiece :).

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Uhm... wouldn't that be the chickenhawk medal of no honor?
    The illustrious grand order of septic pool cleaner for the plutocrat?

    Something unsullied by wimps?

  2. Shhhh! The mighty chickenhawk believes that an award for cowardice *is* an honor. Don't tell'em different!

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  3. The latest from the slimeball is that god made him say it, qv.TPM.

  4. Not to mention all those "sissies" that threw their bodies on top of grenades to protect (and save the lives of .......... their comrades.

  5. Corpsman are tough, the chickenhawks must not know any corpsman.

  6. Oops, I menat corpsmen.

  7. What an utter arsehole. One of only three persons to be awarded a bar to the Victoria Cross was Noel Chavasse a doctor who twice risked his life to rescue wounded soldiers in no-mans land during WWI (The last time was fatal)

    Nobody here would have considered the bravery of a non combatant cheapened our highest award.

    Perhaps the ugly little shit stain should be drafted to Helmand as a corpsman. Let's see what he thinks of their bravery then. (prdon the language but the man is clearly a scumbg

    I have seen you commenting plenty of times on Bryan's blog. Great blog you have here


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