Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why global warming is a myth

Because the Bible promises to not flood the Earth after Noah, therefore there will be no global warming. Uhm, okay. Nevermind what science says about global warming (i.e., that it's happening). What's that silly "science" stuff ever gotten us, anyhow? Other than indoor plumbing? Well, indoor plumbing and the modern medicine that means most of us survive childhood now, unlike the good old days when most children died before reaching age 5? Well, indoor plumbing and modern medicine and airline travel and computers and the Intertubes we're typing this on. Other than that, science is just way, way overrated, right?

So anyhow, that's nuts, but it's just the rantings of a random religious loonie, you say? Err... NO. That's the rantings of the new (Republican) chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, John Shimkus.

As one of the commenters at that blog says, "adults that have imaginary friends should be considered insane and unfit for political office." Amen, brother :).

-- Badtux the Irreverent Penguin

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  1. But Teh Holey Beeble didn't say anything about MAN causing a flood, did it? And it wouldn't be the whole Earff flooded -- another factor these idjits don't understand about Global Warming. Just the low-lying parts of coastal cities, which encompasses a lot of liberal-voting areas, so these landlocked cretins don't give a drip. On the bright side, their hellholes in Kansas and elsewhere in Flyoverandspitdownward Land will become infertile deserts, so it won't be all bad.


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