Monday, November 29, 2010

Bad ideas, part XLVVI

Okay, so I moved into this duplex back in June. It's a two-bedroom duplex, so I chose one bedroom for my music room, and one bedroom for my, well, bedroom. So which bedroom did I choose for which? Well... I chose the larger corner bedroom with the sliding patio door that opens out onto the back patio, of course. Because the sliding patio door would allow more ventilation in the summer, as would the side windows. And it would be quieter because it's not adjacent to the kid's room in the duplex next door. And it was the larger of the two bedrooms, a.k.a. the master bedroom, and I'm the master of this house, right?

Boy, what a mistake. All summer long that bedroom was baking in the sun while the smaller bedroom, the "music room", was comfortable because its outside wall was shaded by a lemon tree and it didn't have the heat from the patio bricks radiating up through a giant patio door's glass. The wall with the small windows turned out to be the west wall and was totally unshaded, so it radiated heat during the day, making the large bedroom even hotter than the baked patio bricks made it. The sliding windows were too small to put a room air conditioner into so that I could sleep decently at night, vs. the large sliding window in the "music room". The kid next door turns out to go to bed at an early hour and be a fairly quiet little girl, so I don't have to worry about noise from next door. And now that it's cold outside, the corner bedroom is *freezing* -- that big patio door and the side windows and just being the furthest bedroom from the furnace keeps it chilly while the "music room" is comfortable. And finally, with the music room being next to the little girl's room, I can only make music in it during hours that she's awake for fear of waking her up, which would be a bad thing to do because, well, it's a bad thing to do to disturb the sleep of little girls, duh.

So now you know what I'll be doing tomorrow night... I'll be moving everything out of the music room, and moving my bedroom over there, and then moving the music room stuff out of my living room into my former bedroom. SIIIiiiiiigh!

In other news, most of my plants seem to have survived the frost. The nasturtiums that peek beyond the front fence ended up getting killed, but the ones behind the fence, in the protected area, are fine, as is everything else in the small courtyard area between the garages and the house. Next weekend I guess I'll need to cut off the dead nasturtiums and toss them in the green bin for composting...

-- Badtux the Shivering Penguin


  1. After you make the switch, you might sleep better, but your instruments - in that room with the ever changing and unpredictable temperatures - will NEVER be in tune again.

    BTW - you guitar and my trombone go out of tune in opposite ways with temperature change. that jut adds to the fun.


  2. I was about to tell you what Jazzbumpa said, about instruments going out of tune if the temperature swings wildly.

    I don't know what you play, but pianos prefer the same rooms humans do.

    Crazy winter, huh?



  3. I have an electronic guitar tuner, so I'll just deal with it. My electric piano doesn't care what the temperature is. My whistles and harmonicas will go out of tune, but (shrug). Not being able to make music at night is a bigger issue, and what tips the balance to doing the move, because I was going to record a song and realized that it needed an acoustic guitar... and no way to play one that late at night in that room with the baby sleeping right on the other side of that wall.

    - Badtux the Musical Penguin

  4. You're good to be so thoughtful about your neighbor's daughter. Best of luck on the reorg!


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