Monday, November 29, 2010

Natural causes

In case, as time goes along, you're wanting to know how many Americans are starving, freezing, or otherwise dying because of the failure of Austerian economics at the zero bounds, look for two words: "Natural causes". Those are words that coroners always put on the death certificate when someone starves to death or dies of exposure here in America. Because, y'know, telling the truth might offend someone, yo.

BTW, this is not new. This has been the code for at least 100 years. When people at the end of the 19th century couldn't find work and starved to death (no food stamps or anything like that back then, y'know), that's what was on their death certificate: "natural causes". Reminds me of those folks hawking "all-natural supplements"... arsenic and cyanide are natural too, y'know?

-- Badtux the Helpfully Snarky Penguin

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