Thursday, November 18, 2010

Even the punditry is noticing...

... that wealth distribution in the United States is looking disturbingly like a third-world banana republic rather than a democracy.

My response: Congratulations, America. You elected the evil sonofabitches to office who did this to you. Hope you're happy with your Republican kool-aid, because the cyanide it's taking down your throat is a bitch -- 30 years of Republican domination of American politics has produced stagnant incomes for regular Americans, while the merely rich became the really, really rich. And every single one of these bastards was voted into office by you, America -- not installed by some evil dictator or some shit, you voted for these assholes.

I have some more facts and figures that Kristof did not mention in his article, but I'll go over those later...

-- Badtux the Right (as in, correct) Penguin

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