Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Mighty Fang takes a walk

Just a crappy cell phone video.

Yeah, TMF is fat, lazy, placid, and pretty much imperturbable. Which is why I chose him as the test subject for the kitty harness and leash. I certainly wouldn't have tried it with Mencken, Mencken woulda shredded me! After a while after the end of this video he got tired of lying down and walked around the back yard a bit, sniffed the ferns, examined the fences, that kinda thing, but he's not going to win the high-energy kitty awards anytime soon.

I figure after I do this for a couple of weeks, I'll introduce him to the front door. Walking your pet on a leash is always good for starting conversations. Somehow I think TMF on a leash would start even more conversations than the typical dog walkers do :).

-- Badtux the Cat-walking Penguin
BTW, you'll note that the cat is walking *me*, not the other way around.


  1. My Dora has learned the trips outdoors are worth the pain in the furry butt that the leash is. Cleo has decided it's not worth the trouble.

    It must be difficult to get used to, since it diddles with that instinct... the one you can enjoy by putting a strip of Scotch tape down the cat's spine. The cat starts to feel like a low ceiling is pressing down on them, and they'll squish themselves against the floor, even though they know you are just messing with them.

  2. That was priceless. The camera moved far more than TMF did.

    Next time, you might carry a folding chair and a book for yourself.

  3. @Nangleator, yep, cats are decidedly individuals. Like I said, I wouldn't even start to try this with Mencken. He freaks out when I walk into the kitchen when he's eating, while pretty much nothing perturbs The Mighty Fang. I can even do the scotch tape trick that you mention and he just looks at me like, "meh, there you go again, f**king with me" and rolls over and goes back to sleep, at which point with embarrassment I remove the tape and let him go about his nap.

    @Sungold, And he seemed so eager to go out the door! Eventually he did get up and take a stroll around the perimeter of the back yard, sniffing everything and rubbing up against the stuff he particularly wanted to own. *Slowly*, though. Then he plopped back down and napped in the sun some more, at which point I took him back in because what's the fun of walking a cat that's not interested in walking :).

  4. As I posted on YouTube...

    This is a sin against nature. No wonder you're a flightless bird. Cthulhu is punishing you for things like this.

  5. Well, he insisted on going out the door because the patch of sun outdoors was *clearly* superior.

    You can just be glad he didn't decide to flop down on the threshold.

  6. Indeed, cats are individuals. Rocky sees a harness and leash and says, "lets go!" Paddy sees them and says, "you're kidding. I'm not stepping foot outside this house." Natasha sees them and says, "I'll go out, but your life is in danger if you try to put that harness on me."

    Damn cats.


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